Integrated Operations Management

Optimise your network performance

Enhance your network and IT infrastructure with proactive management and end-to-end visibility.

We can help you improve productivity by freeing up the time of your internal IT resources to focus on strategic projects instead. You can also use our best-of-breed portals to access comprehensive network insights to help you make better business decisions.

[Title] Integrated Operations Management

What if your network managed service provider proactively looked after your network and managed faults without you knowing about them or experiencing any business impact? What if you had control and visibility of your network so you could understand the health of your network and optimize where needed? What if you had the resources and ability to scale your network up and down as needed allowing you to save significant internal costs? What if you could save time and resources by removing the need for manual administrative tasks?

With Telstra's managed network service called Integrated Operations Management or IOM, you can enhance your network and IT infrastructure with best-in-class portals giving you full visibility of how your network devices and applications are performing, allowing you to scale as needed.

Telstra understands that you want them to manage your network and devices through a single integrated view. To do this, the IOM standard solution is made up of people, applications, visibility and monitoring, and the Telstra Connect portal.

[Text on screen] People. Portal, application visibility and monitoring. Telstra Connect.

With Telstra IOM, you have access to their specialized support teams who will work with you to proactively manage your network and if you do need help, their integrated Service Desk is available 24/7. You only have one number to call.

With end-to-end network visibility, proactive alarming and comprehensive reporting Telstra's IOM service helps you improve business productivity and end-user experience. To do this, the Telstra network performance dashboard shows a simplified view of the health and performance of your network in near real-time on your PC or mobile devices. This complements SolarWinds by allowing you to view your network on the go, allowing you to see the bandwidth your core and non-core business applications are using in near-real-time. So when a non-core business application is using too much bandwidth, you're able to submit a new request through Telstra Connect.

With Telstra IOM, you have access to the Telstra Connect portal for a consistent and streamlined way to submit requests. So when your IT team receives a call that users are experiencing poor performance of their CRM application, you're able to log on to the IOM SolarWinds portal and view the lan interface of the site to see if usage is high.

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Key features

Network Visibility and Insights

End-to-end network visibility, alarming and comprehensive reporting through Solarwinds. An easily accessible view of your network through Telstra’s Network Performance Dashboard.

Specialised operations team and simplified engagement process

Access expert support with our specialised operations team, including a level 3 technical team. Our integrated service desk and service management team helps simplify your engagement with Telstra.

Professional Services

Expert advice and consulting support will assist your transition to our Integrated Operations Management solution.


Full onboarding experience

Our professional services teams consult with you to transform your network environment and ensure a smooth transition onto IOM.

Understand your network

Monitor the health and performance of your network through Solarwinds and Telstra’s Network Performance Dashboard.

Optimise network performance

Optimise end-user experience through an application centric view of the network to monitor what applications are being used and their performance.

Specialised support teams

Our level 2 and 3 operations team will work with you to proactively manage your network.

Single point of contact

With our integrated service desk, you only have to call one number when you need help.


Customized your dashboards in Solarwinds; our operations teams will continue to use your systems and processes to minimize complexity.

Frequently asked questions

Integrated Operations Management (IOM) standard is Telstra's premium solution to monitor and manage a customer’s network regardless of location, technology platform or carrier service. IOM enhances our ability to support our customers by providing end-to-end visibility, alarming and reporting. With IOM, customers have the flexibility to choose the best technology fit for their business. IOM can manage any mutually agreed IP networking device, regardless of whether it is provided by Telstra, the customer, or a 3rd party.

  • Managed Network Service - Integrated Operations team that understand and manage the end-to-end network using customer’s systems and processes as necessary.
  • Application Visibility and IP monitoring – Application centric view of the network to monitor what applications are being used, how an application is performing and measure the end-user experience.
  • Integrated Service management – An ITIL-aligned Service Desk for all standard Telstra products and services to handle Incidents and Requests.
  • Customer facing portals - Access to portals for customers to create and seek updates for incidents and service requests, to view near real time network health and to view application performance and user experience


Why Telstra

Expertise to match your business needs

Draw on the experience of our global experts and business partners who understand the importance of your network and can help you design, build and manage complete integrated solutions, whatever your requirements.

End-to-end view for better performance

As a network operator and services provider, we can give you more visibility of your IT systems and structures. We also make managing your IT simpler by offering technology and service as a complete, integrated solution.

We reduce network complexity

To make your experience as simple as possible, we manage your network from end-to-end, across the entire lifecycle of a fault across both carriage and equipment.

Getting started

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