Adapt Assured Meraki

Connect places, engage customers, empower staff

Drive business innovation across locations like never before, with an easy-to-deploy solution leveraging SD-WAN and Wi-Fi capabilities. Suits most multi-site organisations like retailers, healthcare providers, financial services etc.

Key features

Help ensure business continuity via secure and reliable connections. Improve productivity with better application performance. And all this via centralised visibility, control and rich insights. Delivered and assured by Telstra, it’s time to future-proof your digitisation journey with Adapt Assured Meraki.

Simple deployment

Quick and easy design, setup and operation via improved processes and reduced solution complexity to match your business needs.

All-in-one branch

Leveraging SD-WAN, security and Wi-Fi capabilities – the critical digital foundation for empowering and sustaining operations across your business locations.

End-to-end visibility

Rich analytics and reporting with the Telstra-Meraki dashboard, your go-to place for centralised visibility and control.

Added security layer

Advanced security features on Meraki MX devices including content & client filtering, intrusion detection and malware protection.

Professional installation and assurance

All infrastructure provided and assured by Telstra – 24x7 monitoring and helpdesk as part of the solution.

More options than before

Flexible commercial and contract options. For better visibility and control, we also have options for self-service; plus rapid site activation


Adapt to a dynamic market

Greater business agility and increased speed to market driven by simplicity of the solution, aligned to your desired business outcomes.

Help enhance experience

Empower staff and engage customer with better application performance, underpinned by reliable and secure network to help ensure business continuity.

Decisions backed by insights

Make informed business and technology choices using the powerful insights available at your fingertips.

Centralised control

Allows you to enforce business-security policies quickly and effectively across your locations, aligning with your corporate policies.

Ease of operations

Let’s you focus on your changing business priorities, and scale effortlessly when needed.

Suit your preference

Flexible commercial models to suit your business goals. Help operationalise your locations faster, with options to control a few things yourself.

Case studies

Telstra’s Managed Wi-Fi provides connectivity, network visibility and customer insights. Explore a use case that shows how this solution is helping our customers.

Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation

Find out how Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation is using Managed Wi-Fi Cloud Network to redefine libraries.

[Title] Telstra Case Study. Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation. Using Managed Wi-Fi Cloud to Redefine Libraries

PETER CARTER (Chief Executive Officer, Casey-Cardina Library Corporation): Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation offers public library services to the residents and ratepayers of the City of Casey and Cardinia Shire. It's in south-east Melbourne and we serve about 380,000 people. We'd had wi-fi in place for quite a few years. The old system was fine at the time, but there was increasing sophistication in the level of connectivity. Meeting the various connection standards was an issue.

MELISSA MARTIN (Branch Coordinator, Casey-Cardina Library Corporation): People would come up and ask to use the wi-fi, so we had to get a docket

and then hand it to each person that was coming in. That was in between serving people and doing other things as well.

PETER CARTER: Telstra's been a long-term partner of ours, and we sat down with their technical people and came up with the Telstra Managed Wi-Fi Cloud. We found it very stable, it's very fast, and we're able to control the bandwidth access that individuals get.

[Text on screen] Bandwidth access control

PETER CARTER: We get good statistics out of it, which is great for our business planning.

[Text on screen] Supplies rich data usage

PETER CARTER: We were getting somewhere around 3,000 to 4,000 log-ons a month. Now we're seeing 17,000, 18,000 log-ins a month. Obviously, people like it - they're voting with their feet.

[Text on screen] 6000% increase in logons

WOMAN: I'm studying to be a schoolteacher and I love coming to the library so I can use free wi-fi. I come about once or twice every week, so we're here quite a lot.

[Text on screen] Complete end to end solution

GIRL: I don't really have wi-fi at home at the moment, so it's good here - to come to a quiet place where there's no distractions or anything.

[Text on screen] Proactive network management

PETER CARTER: We want people to come in, use us as an extension to their lounge room, to feel at home - that they come in,  use our traditional services, but then they also use the wi-fi. So we're very pleased with the solution.

[Text on screen] It’s how we connect.

[Telstra logo]

Hanes Australasia Case Study

Telstra SD-WAN technology helps deliver great user experience, better business-critical application and improved network performance for Hanes retail stores in five countries.

Why Telstra

Underpinned by Adaptive Networks

An assured network underlay matters! Over 8,000 organisations globally rely on Telstra’s networks to help power their business. From high-performance connectivity solutions through to the latest in Software-defined Networking deployments, customers rely on our expertise to get business done.

Expertise to match your business needs

Draw on the experience of our global experts and business partners who understand the importance of your network and can help you design, build and assure complete integrated solutions, whatever your requirements.

Best of breed mix

Our strategic partnership with Cisco assisted by the capability of Telstra Purple gives you unique leverage of great technology, networks and expertise to help you achieve your business outcomes.

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