Adapt Assured Meraki

Connect places, engage customers, empower staff

Drive business innovation across locations, with an easy-to-deploy solution leveraging SD-WAN and Wi-Fi capabilities including OpenRoaming™ with Telstra. Suits most multi-site organisations like retailers, healthcare providers, financial services etc.

Key features

Take the complexity out of network management with a scalable, cloud-managed Wi-Fi and SD-WAN solution that can help you drive innovation in business processes, productivity, and improved customer experiences.  Carriage diversity enables you to enhance network reliability with third-party carriage through fibre, nbn, and satellite for continuous connectivity and minimised network downtime. Delivered and assured by Telstra, it’s time to future-proof your digitisation journey with Adapt Assured Meraki.

Simple deployment

Quick and easy design, setup, and operation via improved processes and reduced solution complexity, and flexible commercial and contract options to match your business needs.

OpenRoaming™ Wi-Fi network access

Connect, monitor, and engage with your employees and visitors via a secure, scalable solution that enable them to roam across both Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

End-to-end visibility

User-friendly, feature-rich dashboard with centralised management for device and user analytics, proactive network monitoring with cloud instance co-management.

Added security layer

Protect your network from day one with built-in security features such as identity-based firewall, content filtering, intrusion prevention, and advanced malware protection.

Professional installation and assurance

All infrastructure provided and assured by Telstra – 24X7 monitoring and helpdesk as part of the solution.

More control over your network

Make network changes as needed, leverage improved analytics for business insights, and grant and revoke access to your Wi-Fi network.


Adapt to a dynamic market

Greater business agility and increased speed to market with option for 4G First activation, driven by simplicity of the solution and flexible commercial and contract options.

Brilliant experiences on OpenRoaming™ with Telstra

Empower staff and engage customers with better application performance and the ability to roam freely between mobile networks to Wi-Fi securely and simply. 

Decisions backed by data

Make informed business decisions with powerful insights from the Meraki dashboard and enhanced analytics as OpenRoaming™ with Telstra users increase.

Security built into the core

Fit-for-purpose security set-up integrated into the Meraki portal and access points. Automatic updates to help you prepare for challenges on the horizon.

Ease of operations

Focus on your changing business priorities and  scale up and down effortlessly when business requirements change or to meet seasonal demand.

OpenRoaming™ with Telstra network capabilities

Simplified onboarding and security to encourage more users to join the network. Support for separate employee, contractor, and guests on Wi-Fi networks also available.

Case studies

Telstra’s Adapt Assured Meraki solution provides connectivity, network visibility, and customer insights.

Explore a use case that shows how this solution is helping our customers.

Hanes Australasia Case Study

Telstra SD-WAN technology helps deliver great user experience, better business-critical application, and improved network performance for Hanes retail stores in five countries.

How does Adapt Assured Meraki work?

Telstra’s Adapt Assured Meraki is a full-stack offering that brings together Cisco Meraki’s leading cloud-delivered SD-WAN and Wi-Fi technology underpinned and secured by Telstra’s superior networks and delivery capabilities.  An ideal solution for customers with distributed sites and constrained IT resources, Adapt Assured Meraki includes a user-friendly dashboard that provides centralised management for all compatible devices (MX: Security Appliances, MS: Ethernet Switches, MR: Wireless Access Points) and user analytics. It also includes installation, commissioning, and the ongoing proactive management and maintenance of the Wi-Fi infrastructure. Along with Managed and Professional Service options, Telstra provides proactive monitoring and alerts of potential issues to customer environments before they occur.  Access Management options such as third-party carriage, cellular, fibre, nbn, and satellite connectivity are also supported under Adapt Assured Meraki.

Why Telstra

The best of technology, partnerships, and services

Telstra has forged best-of-breed partnerships with tech leaders to design, deliver, and manage solutions to suit your evolving business needs. Our deep domain expertise enables us to offer you more than just Wi-Fi – your organisation can get true value across the stack, from applications and network to security and services.

Knowledge and expertise to match your business needs

Rely on our nationwide dedicated and skilled team covering consultancy, design, staging, installation, and maintenance services. Our cross-industry expertise and industry-standard certifications and clearances can help you achieve the outcomes you want across various use cases.

Underpinned by Adaptive Networks

An assured network underlay matters. Over 8,000 organisations globally rely on Telstra’s networks to help power their business. From high-performance connectivity solutions through to the latest in Software-Defined Networking deployments, customers rely on our expertise to get business done.

Things you need to know

OpenRoaming™ is a trademark of Wireless Broadband Alliance Inc.

Getting started

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