OpenRoaming™ with Telstra

Brilliant Wi-Fi experience

Enhance your customer experience on OpenRoaming™ with Telstra, bridging cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity for brilliant experiences.

Key features

Connect people, devices, and things automatically to a trusted Wi-Fi network with a solution designed for simplicity, reliability, and security.

Simple and secure

Keep your staff, guests, and customers connected securely even in places with limited cellular coverage.

Protect your users

Reduce the risk of compromising users’ personal information or joining untrusted networks while providing them with Wi-Fi access.

Simpler onboarding

Connect to a Wi-Fi network once without the need for complex logins or captive portals, and subsequent connections are automatic.

Segregated access

Separate access for staff, contractors, guests, and customers, through bespoke customer deployments, means easier management of network requirements and usage. 


Enable your customers and users to connect to Wi-Fi automatically in the office and in public. Connecting once and roaming effortlessly across Wi-Fi and cellular networks creates positive and productive experiences. 

Enhanced Wi-Fi mobility

Improve end-user experiences by enabling secure connection and roaming on Wi-Fi networks, just like on mobile.

Complement in-building coverage

Help maintain connectivity for better customer experiences, higher employee productivity, decreased customer dwell time, and improved retailer transactions.

Expanded data insights

Simplify onboarding and security challenges to bring in more users to the network, thus providing a larger data pool through bespoke customer deployments, to extract insights from.

Multiple identity source support

Supports multiple identity sources, allowing connectivity and authentication from various Identity Providers.

How it works

OpenRoaming™ with Telstra - A new, secure, and automatic way to connect.

OpenRoaming™ with Telstra enables simple and secure roaming between cellular and Wi-Fi networks, helping protect personal information and data with industry-leading connectivity.

OpenRoaming™ with Telstra helps enable users to transition between cellular and WiFi networks using a single identity. The illustration outlines how a user connects to an available OpenRoaming™ environment. Step 1: Cellular user on 5G/LTE has entered the OpenRoaming™ environment. User gets notified to connect to OpenRoaming™ with Telstra by logging in, once.   Step 2: User enters credentials once, then automatically connects at every next instance. Step 3: user enjoys using the OpenRoaming™ with Telstra network.  Step : User exits the OpenRoaming™ environment, and roams back on 5G or LTE network as cellular signal strengthens.

OpenRoaming™ with Telstra enables users to transition between cellular and Wi-Fi networks using a single identity. Businesses can offer their users enhanced experiences and peace of mind with reduced security risks and improved analytics for personalised interactions and informed decisions. OpenRoaming™ with Telstra bridges connectivity gaps, ushering in a future of effortless access and harnessing innovative technologies.

Use Cases


Complement in-building coverage to enhance user experiences with consistent, simple, and secure Wi-Fi connectivity across all branches or stores.


Reduce risk of personal information exposure through secure connectivity access while growing customer participation.

Education / Government

Enable digital transformation for staff and operations while fostering an equitable environment for digital access for students and residents.


Better control over staff and guest access credentials, with the ability to grant and revoke permissions on a per-user level, through bespoke customer deployment option.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, OpenRoaming™ with Telstra is designed to be both flexible and adaptable. We can help you customise the solution to align with your business requirements, including branding, user authentication methods, and access policies. Our specialists can discuss your specific needs and expected outcomes.

OpenRoaming™ with Telstra eliminates the need for guests to manually enter credentials each time they connect to a Wi-Fi network. They simply need to register once, and their devices will automatically connect to OpenRoaming™-enabled networks without additional input for subsequent occasions.

Yes, it’s designed to be compatible with a variety of network infrastructures. We can help with integrating it into your existing Wi-Fi network without disrupting your business operations. 

Steps to Connect to OpenRoaming™ with Telstra

Users can connect to OpenRoaming™ with Telstra by entering their credentials, after this initial connection users will automatically connect to OpenRoaming™ with Telstra Wi-Fi networks.

The steps to first connect to OpenRoaming™ with Telstra are as follows:

  1. Select the Free OpenRoaming™ Wi-Fi SSID in device Wi-Fi settings
  2. Follow the instructions on the Telstra provided splash page to configure an OpenRoaming™ profile on the device
  3. Download the  OpenRoaming™ application page from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (user is automatically taken here from Telstra splash page)
  4. User selects available credentials via the OpenRoaming™ app which are utilised to establish the Wi-Fi connection

Subsequent OpenRoaming™ with Telstra Wi-Fi connections will then be automatic for the user whenever in network range.


  1. Any device that doesn’t support OpenRoaming™ or a User that opted out of OpenRoaming™ with Telstra will be directed and connected to Free Wi-Fi (Guest services or internet).
  2. Bespoke, customer-funded OpenRoaming™ with Telstra deployments will have custom user flows.

The service prioritises user privacy and keeping personal information secure with end-to-end encryption and allows users to have control over their data. It’s a solution that operates with transparency to build trust between your business and the users connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Telstra offers expert support for OpenRoaming™ with Telstra as part of your existing managed Wi-Fi service (e.g. Adapt Assured Meraki Managed Service).

It’s a highly scalable and adaptable solution to meet your changing business needs. Whether you’re expanding your network, adding new locations, or expecting increased user traffic, we can help you with scaling the solution accordingly.

Why Telstra

Leverage the combined strength of our partnerships

Telstra has forged best-of-breed partnerships with tech leaders to design, deliver, and manage solutions to suit your evolving business needs. Our deep domain expertise enables us to offer you more than just Wi-Fi – your organisation can get true value across the stack, from applications and network to security and services. 

Security built into the core

Help protect your data, operations, and organisation with security features built into the core of our Wi-Fi solutions. OpenRoaming™ with Telstra is underpinned by Telstra’s T-AAA ecosystem, which provides user authentication capability that makes for simple, secure connectivity. 

End-to-end support and expertise

Rely on Telstra experts and specialists, who will work closely with your organisation throughout your OpenRoaming™ with Telstra journey. Our end-to-end support and expertise enables your business to receive optimal benefit from your network while providing you the freedom to focus on your core business.

Things you need to know

OpenRoaming™ is a trademark of Wireless Broadband Alliance Inc.

Getting started

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