Telstra SD-WAN

As agile as your business.

With Telstra, your network can be as agile as your business plan. Our SD-WAN and network core capabilities combine to create a digital business platform with the flexibility and control you need to innovate and manage change. Our capabilities help you to deliver brilliant user experiences, enhance employee productivity, improve business continuity, and gain visibility of your network through a single dashboard with a range of connectivity options.

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Key features

Transport-agnostic WAN connectivity

Telstra's SD-WAN let you switch between MPLS, Internet, Broadband, LTE, and 5G, and specify paths for different applications to achieve business-defined SLAs.

Central orchestration

Simplify your WAN and deploy faster with centralised control. This feature also provides greater visibility of application traffic, bandwidth usage and device statistics on your network.

Intelligent application-aware routing

Dynamically forward data packets vvto application type, performance, policies and path status. Monitor network performance to fine tune the network for critical services.

Management options

A range of standardised or tailored options to suit your needs and the outcomes you are looking for with our Managed Network Services.

Enhanced secure connectivity

Strong encryption techniques and access controls help protect your WAN traffic and communication with cloud applications, remote offices or data centres, over both the public Internet and IPVPN.


Improve the experience you offer to staff and customers

Fine tune your WAN for better application performance. Prioritise traffic and use bandwidth more efficiently by routing time-sensitive applications over IPVPN while SaaS applications can be directed over the internet.

Create more resilient branch networking operations

Keep your business running with a flexible and redundant hybrid network. We manage the performance of links at the branch so we can act on Telstra-owned network underlays to help resolve connectivity issues.

Empower your business transformation and improve agility

Our SDN engineering specialists will work with you get the most from SD-WAN and help achieve business goals. We can also help integrate SD-WAN solutions in your broader ICT infrastructure.

Easier network management

Get greater visibility and deploy WAN and configuration changes faster with centralised policy control. We assess the impact of changes and reduce the risk of network outages within your new SD-WAN environment.

Case studies

Learn how we’re helping our customers deploy and manage SD-WAN to provide more speed and create better experiences.

Case study

AGL Energy

Managed SD-WAN solution enabled AGL Energy achieve increased cost-efficiency and network management with the benefits of optimal performance and end-user experience.

Read the AGL case study

Case study

Woods Bagot

Telstra’s Global Managed SD-WAN solution offers global visibility and control to continuously optimise network performance.

Read the Woods Bagot case study

Case study

Catholic Education WA

The consolidation of CEWA’s IT has enabled the success of the LEADing Lights digital transformation initiative: a single digital ecosystem for all CEWA schools, early care centres and central and regional offices. 

Read the Catholic Education WA case study

Learn more about how SD-WAN can help transform your business

Learn from real-life, early SD-WAN adopters

Download this comprehensive report from Omdia to get key learnings from SD-WAN adopters, insightful recommendations and new ideas to unlock more value from your network transformation.

Download the report

A comprehensive guide that could help shortcut your SD-WAN journey

Get 40+ pages of handy tips, pitfalls to avoid, business use cases (beyond cost savings), security risks to be aware of, lessons learned and more.

Download the guide

Why Telstra

A leader in SD-WAN

Telstra is ranked as an Asia-Pacific leader in Next Generation Telcos by IDC in 2020, based on our alignment with customer requirements over the next few years. Today, we outperform most others with up to 100Gbps committed data rates and latency guarantees on a network that is engineered for unprecedented demand.

Technology investment to lead innovation

By introducing key enabling technologies into our core network such as Edge Compute, Peer-to-Peer Networking and Dynamic Network Slicing, we are working towards enhancing application performance, increasing productivity, lowering costs and personalising the customer experience.

Security designed to meet your needs

We offer multi-cloud security and multiple tiers of protection, including endpoint, IPSEC encryptions, IDS/IPS to suit your needs.

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