Centralise applications and data storage

Drive and improve your application performance, staff productivity and operating costs  across your branch sites

Improve your branch data security and business continuity with Storage Centralisation

You want to centralise IT for efficiency and cost reduction. But you need to ensure the best possible user experience for the applications used at the branch.

With our Branch IT Consolidation solutions, you can have both. You can consolidate infrastructure to reduce cost and complexity. At the same time, you can still deliver local performance over the Wide Area Network (WAN) to improve application response and productivity. Storage Centralisation is an innovative solution that enables you to extract more value from your Telstra Next IP network.

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Trusted branch data security and business continuity

Using WAN optimisation with advanced Riverbed technologies at the branches and within the customer data centre or Telstra cloud, you can centralise data, while dynamically allocating part of that data to branch offices, according to demand. You can maintain a local user experience; simplify control and compliance while improving data security, business continuity and with near-real time data consolidation, support more insightful, accurate & faster decision making. Also have the assurance of peak network performance supported through end-to-end monitoring and management of your entire solution with our proven record in managing thousands of network devices for our customers.

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Help your organisation to get


Lowered costs.
Reduce the need for servers, storage and backup at branch sites; and reduce operational cost by centralising IT management.


Greater efficiency.
Reduce the complications of managing duplicate infrastructure at dispersed branch offices. Optimise network traffic so your applications work better without bandwidth upgrades. Make better use of your data centres with the option to leverage Telstra cloud offerings such as Virtual Storage.


Improved productivity.
With Storage Centralisation, you can improve performance and end user experience for applications at branch offices.


Reduced Risk.
Keep sensitive data centralised to reduce the threat of security breaches and meet compliance requirements. You can also confidently set up branch offices in high risk areas such as rugged, remote or politically sensitive locations.


Enhanced business continuity.
Reduce data loss with near real-time synchronisation of data. Proactively move services in anticipation of an outage or recover in minutes if an unplanned event occurs. Staff can even keep working on data if the network goes down.


Supporting faster business outcomes from your data analytics.
Where once it could take hours, days or even weeks to consolidate data to a central location for business analytics and data mining, with Storage Centralisation it can happen in near real-time. With Storage Centralisation and Virtual Storage, you can consume the data from multiple cloud platforms without migrating the data. This enables data analysis to inform even faster decision making for improved business efficiencies and optimisation.


Potential business impact

Business Impacts

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Better security
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved business continuity
  • Supporting faster business outcomes

Ideal for organisations who are

  • Looking to enable cloud and big data analysis strategies
  • Looking to enable branch consolidation strategies
  • Looking to simplify IT infrastructure and management
  • Looking to have superior branch user experience
  • Looking to secure edge data

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