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Achieve consistent outcomes in
a complex IT environment

Overcome the challenge of IT service management

Managing a complex technology environment with multiple solutions can be a challenge.

With Integrated Service Management, you can overcome that challenge and improve service outcomes for your business and end users.

Integrated Service Management can deliver the high-quality, consistent service results you demand, while helping you to manage risk more effectively.

More than just a single touch point for service requests, it delivers support for a broader range of sophisticated IT service management functions.

Service Management provides a range of best practice IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) based services.

It covers all agreed Telstra and third party solutions across your entire technology environment.

You'll also gain one point of contact through a single, integrated Service Desk for incident management, service request fulfilment, plus 'How To' support if needed.

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There are several options you can choose from


Unified service experience
Enjoy the same quality experience to agreed service levels across multiple, approved Telstra or third party solutions.


Improved service outcomes
We have formal programs in place to evaluate and improve every aspect of service delivery to enhance business performance.


With a depth and breadth of human and technological resources, we can quickly gear service volumes to suit your changing requirements.


Minimised operational risk
Resolution of incidents along with actions to stop them reoccurring will help your people stay productive.


Simplified management, improved control
Create a stable and more controlled environment with agreed supplier technologies working together.


Potential business impact

Business Impacts

  • Effective problem lifecycles management
  • Improved response and resolution times
  • Increased governance
  • Reduced risk for change activities
  • Visibility of service delivery and performance

Ideal for companies with

  • 300 + IP network enabled devices

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