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Simplify and optimise your IT service management across multiple technologies, environments and providers

What is Integrated Service Management?

Integrated Service Management lets you manage complex tools, processes and providers more efficiently from a single, expert point of contact.

By optimising your IT management, you can free up your technologies to help improve productivity. Our expertise and our constantly updated technology allow you to you focus on innovating and growing your business.

Integrated Service Management is ITIL aligned and continually benchmarked against best practice. It provides an end-to-end solution with the flexibility to choose the options you want, and scale service volumes as your needs change.

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How it works

With Integrated Service Management, you get comprehensive ITIL aligned support from a single touch point. We use our digitisation and automation expertise to seamlessly integrate tools and processes across technology domains, environments and agreed third party providers. All of which is supported by one of the largest groups of skilled professionals in the country.
There are three service levels to choose from:


Provides a consolidated service desk and single set of processes across multiple products and services from Telstra and agreed third party providers. A single ITIL aligned point of contact lets you resolve incidents and fulfil service requests while improving responsiveness and accountability.


Provides additional ITIL aligned service management functions through a range of bolt-on modules across agreed Telstra and third party solutions. ISM Enhanced integrates with your technologies and support processes, and suits larger organisations that want better control and visibility of their environment.


Designed for Enterprise organisations that have large and complex environments with special requirements, and that rely on outsourced support. ISM Premium offers all the capabilities of ISM Essential and Enhanced, with a customised fit to your unique business needs.

Sustain vital business services

Improve service availability to keep your people productive.

Reduce operational risk

Assess the root cause of incidents to stop them reoccurring.

Support innovation and growth

Use our expertise and advanced technologies to drive your business forward.

Focus on higher value activities

Free your IT staff for more strategic tasks through a stable and controlled environment.

Improve service visibility

Understand your cost and performance metrics better.

Flexible and scalable

Easily gear service volumes up or down as your needs change.

Why choose Telstra Integrated Service Management

A trusted partner

We have a proven record of excellence., with more than 200 of the world’s top 500 companies relying on us to keep their operations running smoothly.

Greater capabilities

We can optimise service delivery, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide end-to-end services across multiple domains in both physical and virtual environments.

Innovation and service excellence

Our industry recognised systems and tools enable ongoing innovation and align with evolving ITIL standards. And we continually benchmark our performance against leading global organisations.

Expertise and experience

One of Australia’s largest teams of experts can manage your ICT lifecycle end-to-end for Integrated Service Management, as well as Cloud Services, Managed Network Services, Security Services, Unified Communications, and Industry Solutions.

A more secure choice

As Australia’s largest technology company we have the facilities, tools, processes, people and governance to provide a more highly secure service.


We provide integration across your compatible network and application environments to ensure minimum risk and disruption to your operations.

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