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Get the most out of your network

Improve performance and optimise operations across your wide area network
with software-defined solutions tailored for your business.

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Digital transformation is a priority for many businesses who want to get the benefit from exciting technologies such as cloud, data analytics and the Internet of Things. However, these services and innovations place heavy demands on corporate networks, which may affect IT performance. Organisations need to address this challenge if they are to deliver optimal experiences to their users and compete effectively in today’s business world.

Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a new way for you to use bandwidth more efficiently and improve application performance on your WAN. It leverages a range of access networks, such as the IPVPN, Internet, and LTE, and uses software defined networking (SDN) to intelligently route traffic along the best available path.

We help you get the most from SD-WAN by partnering with you to understand your requirements and integrating SD-WAN solutions as part of a broader technology mix to help you achieve your business goals.

Technology you can bank on

Rabobank announced that it will be implementing Telstra's SD-WAN solution in over 90 branches across Australia and New Zealand.
The rollout marks the first step in the bank’s digital transformation journey.

This announcement was featured in such media as the Australian Business Review.

Read The Australian Business Review article

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How it works

We can provide you with a full range of services to help you incorporate SD-WAN into your network. This includes strategy and design consultancy to give a foundation for SD-WAN success, to end-to-end project delivery and ongoing management to help you continue to optimise your network and deliver high quality experiences.

  • We compare, evaluate, and advise you on technology from best-of-breed SD-WAN vendors – including VeloCloud, Cisco (Meraki and Viptela) and Riverbed – as well as leverage our partnerships with them to make sure you get the right solution for your needs.
  • We can also help you integrate existing infrastructure with new network technologies and simplify large, complex multi-site environments. 

Download Telstra's SD-WAN capability PDF

SD-WAN on Telstra's Programmable Network

programmable network

We offer a broad range of SD-WAN solutions to suit your specific business needs. Through Telstra Programmable Network, this includes the ability to deploy virtual SD-WAN technology on our universal customer premises equipment (uCPE).

Telstra Programmable Network is a new kind of network that adapts in real time, offering a new level of control and flexibility. Software-defined network (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV) technologies are at the heart of Telstra Programmable Network, providing a range of SDN-enabled options to power the evolution of your network. 

Through our expert advice and consultancy, we can help architect the best fit solution for your business. 

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When the right setup is in place, the potential of SD-WAN is significant.



Improve application performance and user experience

  • Improve the experience you provide staff and customers by enhancing the performance of your applications, whether they are hosted on site/data centre, in the cloud, or both. 
  • Reduce downtime and keep your business running through redundancy as SD-WAN routes data traffic to the next best performing path. With SD-WAN you can minimise security threats and operational risk by taking closer control of your network.


Use your network more efficiently

  • Keep pace with the increasing demands from your users on your WAN and get more value out of your available bandwidth with more efficient use of your connectivity. 
  • See an accurate picture of what applications are running in your WAN, and the bandwidth they’re using, so you can allocate resources where they are needed. High priority applications can be routed over IPVPN while lower priority applications and non-sensitive data can be directed over the internet to utilise your WAN more efficiently.


Simplify management and costs

  • Simplify and streamline network management by offering access to, and control over, network technologies as a matter of policy rather than requiring manual configuration. 
  • Reduce the complexity associated with managing and deploying the WAN, with greater access and control over the entire network from a central location, and operate a single supplier model, alongside carriage, around the world.

The Telstra advantage


Network & Security leadership globally

As a leading carriage provider in Australia and with one of the most extensive IPVPN networks in Asia Pacific, you can draw upon our expertise across the globe. We can also help you manage cyber risk by building security capability into your SDN solutions.


End-to-end software defined network

We have the expertise and capabilities to meet your SDN requirements, from the data centre to your LAN, and enhance application performance across your network. Access Telstra Programmable Network, our SDN platform offering next generation agility, flexible consumption of services, and automated provisioning of network services.

Expertise and global partnerships

With so many options to choose from when it comes to SD-WAN technology, we work with you to design solutions using best-of-breed technology. We also work with our partners to understand their roadmaps and how technology developments can help you to achieve your business goals, now and into the future.

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We can help you assess, implement and manage the right network solution to transform your business. 

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