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Put agility back into your network

Digital transformation is driving the demand for greater agility in networks that support businesses to deliver superior customer experiences faster than ever before. Lately, customers are leveraging cloud-based applications in their organisations, which are often bandwidth intensive, and put undue pressure onto networks. How do you cater for these growing demands, especially when changes at this scale require intensive effort? How do you put agility back into your network so digital transformation can succeed?

Traditional WAN architectures have been complex and static, relying on physical network hardware with configurations required at customer sites, making them time-consuming and costly to manage. 

Now you can achieve more business agility and enable digitisation, using Telstra Managed SD-WAN.

See how we enabled a single digital ecosystem for all CEWA schools, early care centres and central and regional offices. 

What is SD-WAN and what does it do?

A centralised software controller for better network management.

It creates and oversees a secure, reliable 'overlay' network

It puts traffic onto most appropriate paths for best performance

It connects locations regardless of underlying network

Technology you can bank on

Rabobank announced that it will be implementing Telstra's SD-WAN solution in over 90 branches across Australia and New Zealand.
The rollout marks the first step in the bank’s digital transformation journey.

This announcement was featured in such media as the Australian Business Review.

Read The Australian Business Review article

Read Telstra media release

How it works

We can provide you with a full range of services to help you incorporate SD-WAN into your network. This includes strategy and design consultancy to give a foundation for SD-WAN success, to end-to-end project delivery and ongoing management to help you continue to optimise your network and deliver high-quality experiences.

  • We compare, evaluate, and advise you on technology from leading SD-WAN vendors – including VeloCloud, Cisco (Meraki and Viptela) and Riverbed – as well as leverage our partnerships with them to make sure you get the right solution for your needs.
  • We can also help you integrate existing infrastructure with new network technologies and simplify large, complex multi-site environments.


Download Telstra’s SD-WAN capability here.



Maximise performance of your cloud apps

Improve the experience you provide staff and customers by enhancing the performance of your applications, whether they are hosted on-site or at a data centre.

With more applications moving to the cloud, SD-WAN facilitates the most direct route for them. Time-sensitive applications such as voice and video can be routed over IPVPN while important SaaS applications such as Office 365 and Salesforce can be directed over the internet to utilise your WAN more efficiently. 

Create more resilient branch networking operations

Keep business running with a flexible and redundant hybrid network across multiple links and different access types. Depending on your policy setup, if performance on one link is hampered, traffic can be automatically routed to the next best performing and available path, so your business can keep running without any disruption. With us managing the performance of the multiple links at the branch, we can take action on the Telstra-owned network underlays to resolve connectivity issues.

Easily fine tune your WAN for better performance

Keep pace with the increasing and constantly changing demands from your users on your WAN. Get more value out of your available bandwidth through more efficient use of your connectivity.

And get insights of what applications are running in your WAN, and the bandwidth they’re using, so you can allocate resources and prioritise traffic as required.

Empower business transformation and agility

We help you get the most from SD-WAN by partnering with you, through our SDN engineering specialists. We understand your requirements and integrate SD-WAN solutions as part of a broader ICT infrastructure to help you achieve your business goals.

Network management becomes easier

Centralised policy control reduces complexity and supports faster WAN deployment and management.

This provides greater visibility into the network with  the capability of rolling out network configuration changes more quickly than through site-by-site configuration. It also opens up greater risk of changes that negatively impact the network. An experienced managed services provider in SDN can assess the impact of the proposed changes and reduce the risk of network outages.

Simplify management of network security

Moving branch traffic off private networks and onto the internet can open up vulnerabilities. SD-WAN offers centralised security policies to simplify protection. Backed by comprehensive security embedded in the SD WAN architecture, and if you choose a further option you can be supported by 24/7 monitoring via our Global Security Operations Centre and get the latest global threat intelligence.

Telstra SD WAN



Why SD-WAN for CIOs

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SD-WAN Capability Statement

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