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Don't let distance get in the way of business

In a global economy, organisations are more connected and collaborative than ever. We’ll work with you to find the right international roaming solution for your organisation to help keep your people in touch across the globe. 

Things to do before you go overseas


Check to see if we support international roaming at your destination and view available solutions and our Pay-As-You-Go rates for each country.


Confirm with your organisation as to what their international roaming policy is. Then, if you need to, activate International Roaming on your compatible mobile phone or broadband service. Remember to do this before you depart as there could be delays if you activate when you are overseas.

If within Australia:

Activate International Roaming online

Business: Call 13 22 53

Enterprise: Call 1800 730 053

If calling from overseas: +61 439 125 109


Things to do when you arrive

TURN ON your device when you reach your destination, and ensure data roaming is switched on in the phone’s settings.

You should CONNECT automatically to the local mobile network where international roaming is available, you can check if roaming is available at your destination here. Once connected, you’ll receive an SMS from us (if your device is capable of receiving SMS) confirming that roaming has been activated. If you have a Day Pass, Data Plan or pre-purchased a Data Pack, you’ll also receive an SMS to confirm when this is active.

International Roaming


Visit from your mobile or mobile broadband device to view your estimated International Data Usage. Accessing this website from your mobile when overseas doesn’t count towards your data usage.

Telstra 24x7® App

Download the Telstra 24x7 App so you can see your data usage for Packs and Plans. Make sure you download it before you depart Australia, so that you don’t incur download charges at the international rate. 


To track your voice, SMS and data usage, simply dial #108# from your Telstra device. This feature is free to access when overseas.

International Roaming alerts

International Roaming

When you arrive at your destination and turn on your device, you’ll receive an SMS from Telstra informing you that international roaming is active.

You will only be able to receive these notifications if your device is capable of receiving SMS.

Usage alerts

While you’re overseas, we’ll send you SMS alerts to keep you informed of your spend and usage (if your device is capable of receiving SMS and you haven’t opted out of these messages).

  • We’ll send you alerts at 50%, 85% and 100% usage of your data allowance
  • If you exceed your daily data allowance when using a Data Plan or Pack you will automatically switch to Pay-As-You-Go rates. When using data at our Pay-As-You-Go rates we’ll send you an SMS every time you use $100 worth of data. 

Your data and voice options

Day Pass

Do you have staff who travel abroad regularly and need a cost effective connection?

Data Plan

Are your staff frequent travellers needing generous data allowances?


Data Pack

Do your staff travel occasionally and need the essentials to keep working?


Voice Plan

Will your staff mainly need voice while travelling? 

Questions about International Roaming?

24x7 Chat

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If you're using chat overseas, data charges apply.

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More information can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.


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