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Empower your workforce with apps

Today’s apps can help you increase revenue, reduce costs,
drive efficiency and improve employee and customer satisfaction.

Apps taking care of business

Apps on connected devices can quickly transform how employees work and collaborate on the go. They have helped businesses like Wise Employment empower 400+ staff to work beyond the office and increase productivity by 25%.

From replacing manual processes with digital workflows to changing behaviour with near-real time data on staff performance – apps can have a profound effect on your business.

Why Telstra for apps?

One-on-one consultations to guide your business forward, with predictive cost models, unified support services and robust technology assets

Professional services that deliver focused results and are fully supported by dedicated account service

Rapid solution design including prototyping and quick deployment for agile, low-risk innovation to achieve optimum results fast

Managed services to provide end-to-end mobile device and app support, implementation, systems integration and regular reporting

Commercially viable consumption models and platforms to reduce upfront investments

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How we’re helping transform business with apps


New efficiencies for Asciano-Pacific National

Near real-time data is helping change train driver behaviour, delivering environmental benefits along with significant savings in

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Labour hours reduced for BOC Gas

Staff productivity has improved by reducing point-of-sale transaction times from 10 to 2 minutes, saving 32,000 hours in labour annually.

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Wise employment mobilised 400+ staff

Wise embraced an integrated solution incorporating collaboration tools, apps and messaging, managed services, connected devices, plans and network services.

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Reduce daily enquiries by making HR more mobile

Reduce daily HR enquiries on pay and leave requests and time spent chasing manager approvals by empowering staff to self-serve.

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Keep processes moving with digital workflows

Transform complex and lengthy manual processes with digital workflows to improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

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How we can help you:

  • Mobility Strategy Consulting
  • Custom App design and development
  • Handpicked packaged apps
  • App development platforms
  • Digital Workflow services
  • Device and App Managed Services
  • All-in-one mobility solutions


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Simplify operations fast with handpicked apps from Telstra


DocuSign electronic signatures are the easier way to securely send, sign and track important documents



Employee job scheduling and workforce management made easy.



Replace paper-based forms with digital ones and turn processing time from days into hours.


International Roaming


Securely access, share and manage your files on any mobile device by centralising your content on Box.

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Manage field workers, schedule and track jobs real-time, quote on the spot and invoice the same day.



Engage, train and motivate your mobile workforce to be more productive wherever they’re located.


Squirrel Street

An easy way to keep track of receipts and generate expense reports.


Time Tracker

Help improve productivity, save admin time and invoice on the go.


Cisco Spark

Improve team collaboration and agility – call, message, meet and share content, all in one app.


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