Telstra Push to Talk

Empower and equip your field teams

Communicating with your field teams can be a simple as a push of one button. Get similar functionality of a two-way radio with multimedia sharing and location services all in a carrier-integrated app, have more visibility and control with a web-based dispatcher application, and be as agile as you need to be in the field.

Key Features

One-touch calling

Empower your field teams with one-touch calling for near instant communications with a group or individuals.

Web-based dispatcher application

Get more visibility and control over your field teams with a dispatcher application on your compatible browser.

Advanced multimedia sharing

Send and receive text messages, photos, videos, alerts, and location data on a reliable network.

Carrier-integrated solution

Integration with Telstra’s mobile network delivers reliability and end-to-end performance.

Wide range of compatible devices

The app is available on select Telstra compatible iOS and Android devices, tested to operate as required.


Workforce empowerment

Enable your field teams to easily and reliably communicate and share information with one another and their teams.

Do more with fewer devices

With fewer devices to carry around and a solution delivered over the country’s largest mobile network, they can focus on helping grow the core business.

Peace of mind

Run your business with the confidence that your in-field teams can easily be contacted while logged into the application.

Reduced asset management

Communications can be done from one compatible device with software that can be easily updated, reducing the time and effort involved with managing assets.

Ease of availability

Enjoying all the capabilities of the solution is as easy as downloading the app on the App Store or Google Play.

Improved productivity

Connect your people efficiently with the individuals, information, and applications they need to do their jobs whenever they are in a Telstra mobile network coverage area.

More about Telstra Push to Talk

Telstra Push to Talk Overview

Telstra Push to Talk enables teams to work together and share information more effectively, with instant voice communications, multimedia sharing and location services.

Telstra Push to Talk App

The Telstra Push to Talk app provides the tools you need to stay in touch and share information with the rest of your team.

How it works

Integrated Desktop PTT app

The app gives full visibility and control over your mobile workforce. Users can initiate calls to groups or individuals, see talker identities, locate fleet members, as well as geo-fence and broadcast calls when logged in.

Integrated PTT App

Simply push a button to talk to individuals or groups. Send and receive text messages, photos, videos, alerts, and location data of logged in members.

Frequently asked questions

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You can bundle everything you need to get your app and mobility solutions up and running bundled under your Telstra bill—from tablets, apps, data, and Design and Implementation Services.

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Get the best of our trusted 24x7 telephone support so you can rest assured knowing that we’ve got you covered in any unexpected event or system issue.

Getting started

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Things you need to know

To access Push to Talk you will need a Telstra service, compatible Enterprise mobile plan and compatible device.

The Telstra Mobile Network offers 4G in all capital CBDs and associated airports, most surrounding suburban areas and in over 600 regional towns. You will automatically switch to our fastest available 3G in other coverage areas around Australia. Check coverage at

Push to Talk requires a compatible operating system and device and Corporate Mobile Plan. Use of some additional features like location tracking services, may be subject to local laws. Where you activate these features, you are responsible for complying with these laws.