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Your office anywhere, anytime.

Helping companies successfully transform the workplace by addressing the challenges of fixed mobile convergence. 

Liberate combines the best features of the desk phone and mobile for an office-like experience on the go.


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Empower individuals, teams and call groups with true mobility

Ever wished your mobile was as versatile as your desk phone? Now it can be. Liberate unifies the desk phone and mobile in a single, network integrated solution. Unlike with Over The Top (OTT) apps or VoIP, intelligence within the Telstra network provides effortless call handover between the mobile and desk phone. Plus you have access to UC functions while on the go.

One number lets you pick up on the nearest phone. And customer calls can be answered by any one of your team or call group. You can also move calls between your mobile and desk phone, or transfer calls from your mobile with ease. When you make a call, you can display either your mobile number or desk phone number. A single voicemail helps you never miss customer messages.

No matter how big or small your business, Liberate frees your people from their desks. It can transform the way both individuals and teams work together and respond to customers.

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Liberate wins Best Strategic Mobility Initiative award

Telstra has won the ‘Best Strategic Mobility Initiative’ award at the BroadSoft Connections September 2017 conference in Phoenix for Liberate.


Always in the right place with Liberate

Free people from their desks so that they can work in the moment and seize every opportunity.

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The important of fixed line numbers in a mobile world

Listen to one of our experts talk about the importance of fixed line numbers in a mobile world, for both your customers and your business.

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What the analysts are saying

Dustin Kehoe

Head of Research Asia Pacific, GlobalData, September 2017


Telstra's Liberate solution helps to overcome several challenges in integrating UC&C and mobility solutions which overcomes some pain points faced by enterprises.

Telstra Liberate solves the problem of integration of fixed and mobile communications and allows the business phone number to be displayed as the incoming call.

This increases the chances of the customer picking up from recognising the number as the entire fleet communicates from one number. This also connects customers with business, not a personal mobile number that can leave whenever an employee switches jobs.

Kevin Noonan

Chief Analyst, Ovum, September 2017


Telstra launched its new Liberate service, adding some much-needed simplicity to deal with the complexity of enterprise mobility.

There are many products on the market that deal with mobile convergence, but they can add extra complexity to the usability of the solution.

Telstra’s Liberate solution focuses on a simple but highly functional user experience. Liberate integrates a variety of facilities that a customer would normally expect from an in-house phone system.



How it works

Call integration occurs in the network so desk phones and mobiles work together as one.




Liberate is different from Over The Top (OTT) apps or VoIP. Intelligence within the Telstra network connects the SIM on your mobile as if it was an extension of your PBX. This allows your mobile to function like your desk phone. Since mobile calls use the 4G voice channel, you also have better call quality than with OTT apps using data channels.

Simplify and enhance communications between teams and customers.

Easy to use

Use your mobile's standard dial pad to make and answer calls.

Stay in control

Avoid missed calls and messages with simultaneous multi-device ring, one number and one voicemail.

Support call groups

Free your customer facing teams from their desks and tap into a talent base beyond office boundaries.

Improve customer response

Enable any connected staff member to take customers calls on the go, while still doing their assigned jobs.

Prioritise callers

Identify important callers through inbound number and name display.

Display your ID

Display your desk phone number or your personal number from your mobile.

Act in the moment

Move calls between your mobile and desk phone to suit your movements.

Empower teamwork

Transfer calls from your mobile to co-workers on their mobile or desk phone. And still use Chat, SMS and MMS.


Note: While you can make and receive calls on your mobile's standard dial pad, other functions are accessed through the Liberate Companion App.


Bring people together wherever they are
John is a sales rep in the branch office of a retail business. Being in touch with customers and colleagues at any time is vital. With Liberate, that's now easy.



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Customer service
Assist individuals and call groups to never miss a call. Or create your own mini contact centre - enable any connected team member to answer customer calls whether at their desk or on the move.

Mobile employees
Help mobile staff act in the moment at remote sites, customer offices, or while on the road. One voicemail can also reduce missed messages and delays from retrieving voicemails at the office.

Work-at-home staff
Support employees working flexibly with desk phone collaboration tools on their mobile. Plus, they can display their work number to present a professional image.

In-office staff
Office staff don't need to be at their desks. One number and simultaneous multi-device ring let them easily manage calls as they move around.

Only with Telstra

Telstra is the first company in Australia to natively integrate desk phones and mobiles in one network solution.

Connect reliably in more places

The Telstra Mobile Network reaches 99.4% of the Australian population with combined 3G and 4G coverage. You can enjoy better call quality with fewer dead spots and drop-outs, while proactive 24/7 maintenance and monitoring helps ensure superior network performance and reliability.

The latest technologies to drive your business forward

We've partnered with Broadsoft, one the global leaders in enterprise Unified Communications as a Service, to bring you the best available productivity and collaboration tools.

Stay ahead of the competition through our skill and experience

Take advantage of our expertise in cloud and network integration, and more than 20 years' experience in collaboration and contact solutions across multiple industries.

Helping you to easily navigate with Liberate

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