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We’ve got a choice of applications and solutions from some of the best providers, and we put the control in your hands so you can select how you want to deploy them to suit your requirements.

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Transforming your organisation

Your people

Empower your staff to go from brilliant idea to successful business initiative with easy access to the software they need.

Make your teams more mobile, collaborative and creative – and more likely to try something new when they can test and refine ideas together more quickly.

Your business

Support growth and agility with powerful software and apps that help you better understand your customers, quickly release innovative products and services, and hit the target with smarter marketing across multiple channels.

Your culture

Attract and retain energised millennials and Gen Y workers with flexible technology that empowers them to work effectively across locations and devices. Create a culture that values achievement over hours spent at a desk.

Your bottom line

Reduce capital expenditure by moving to cloud technology and pay-for-use models.

Generate new income through better customer relationships, offering more innovative and targeted products and services with flexible delivery.

How applications can benefit you

Always Up To Date

Always have the latest version: you don’t have to worry about installing upgrades, or security patches.

Nimble & Flexible

You can easily and quickly increase or decrease the number of licenced users, you’re not paying for software you don’t use, and you’re not without essential applications when business expands.

Stay In The Loop

Applications can be accessed from any compatible device connected to the internet and you can control and monitor who has access to which applications.

Free Your IT

Reduce capital expenditure by moving to cloud technology and pay-for-use models. Have the flexibility to be more innovative and build intimate relationships with your customers.

One marketplace, so many apps

Telstra Apps Marketplace makes it easier for you to simplify your business transformation. Whether you’re looking to create more intimate relationships with your customers through video conferencing, or to completely digitise your paper trail.

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Case study: Microsoft Office 365

"Microsoft Office 365 from Telstra is something we adopted last year. I can’t see how we operated without it… What we found really valuable was the ability to access core applications when we are out working with clients, just as if we were in the office"

Cameron Scott, Finance Manager, North West Agrifinance

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Improve communication, teamwork, brainstorming and business insights with our choice of productivity software, delivered from the cloud so your people can work in the office or on the go.

Microsoft® Office 365

The complete suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Publisher, along with OneDrive – 1TB of document storage online.

Install it on up to 5 devices per user with flexible access.

Microsoft® Exchange Online

Work smarter, with hosted email for business. Access messages, calendars and contacts from any compatible device – all with robust security, anti-virus, anti-spam and privacy controls.

Microsoft Exchange® Server

Work smarter, with business email, calendar and contacts on your own servers  with a simplified approach to high availability and disaster recovery.

Microsoft Project® Online and Project Pro for Office 365

Easily plan and manage projects with flexible team tools and templates.

It’s easy to organize and link tasks and measure progress with highlighting in the Gantt chart.


Microsoft Visio® Pro for Office 365

Create powerful diagrams to simplify complex information with over 60 ready-to-use templates supporting flowcharts, workflows, maps, floor plans and more across business and industry.

Microsoft SQL Server®

Create you own SQL Server databases with this reliable, secure software. A powerful BI platform makes it quick and easy to access and analyse all kinds of internal and external data.

Microsoft Power BI for Office 365®

Works with Microsoft Excel to transform business data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can stay in the know, spot trends, share insights, access reports and collaborate on the go.

Fast, reliable data backup and restoration are vital for reference, regulatory compliance and business continuity. Traditional solutions can be unreliable and expensive. We offer secure, automated and policy-based backup and disaster recovery in the cloud. That way your data is ready to be restored when you need it.


Managed Backup

Scalable, enterprise ready backup service with full daily backups for virtual environments, remote offices, enterprise applications, network-attached storage (NAS) servers, and desktops/laptops.

Run this over your Telstra Cloud Infrastructure or NextIP connected devices.

Want to simplify business processes and equip people to work smarter, not harder? Our selection of time-saving solutions that can make a big difference to everyone’s day – from speeding up legal sign-off with e-signatures through to marketing to customers on their mobile devices or supporting a mobile sales team.


Sign, save, store and send documents electronically in minutes across devices and locations.


Find, customize and create digital forms including GPS, image capture and electronic signatures on compatible mobile and tablet devices.


Distribute and manage content, forms, knowledge, education and quizzes. Reward and recognise achievers.



This job rostering and workforce management app lets you find available staff, publish schedules to them and track attendance with timesheets created automatically when employees start and finish.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services®

Access PCS across the network to do maintenance or diagnose a problem. This smart solution supports window scaling, multiple monitor support and copy-paste integration across machines.


Help protect your business assets and your company reputation with the latest security software. With world-class applications in the cloud you can centrally manage protection across servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices and make sure that it's always up to date. You can also apply settings that prevent staff from accessing inappropriate sites at work.


Help protect your desktop, laptop and file servers with centrally managed anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware, firewall, anti-spam, site blocking and web filtering with automated updates.

Symantec.Cloud® Safeguard Services

Cloud-based email and web security applications that help protect email against viruses and spam, malware, inappropriate content and web borne threats.

Improve teamwork, brainstorming and collaborative product development with our suite of cloud solutions. From videoconferencing through to powerful team sites, our wide range of software makes it easier for people to reach out to customers on their terms, and work together more easily across locations, projects and time zones.

Blue Jeans

Quick, easy videoconferencing on any video-enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops. It supports up to 25 people in standard meetings and up to 100 with the Large Meetings add-on feature.

Microsoft OneDrive® for Business

Provide a secure place with access controls where you can store and sync your documents. OneDrive comes with Microsoft Office online so you can create, edit and share documents across your devices.

Microsoft SharePoint® Online

Easily create secure sites where you share company documents, collaborate, and manage content and workflow.

A powerful management console lets you manage capabilities, policies and security.


Microsoft SharePoint® Server

Integrated with the Microsoft Office suite, SharePoint® Server helps you set up and manage team sites; keep projects on track; share, store and sync documents with new social features throughout.

Microsoft Skype for Business® Server

With Microsoft Skype for Business® Server on your Telstra cloud, you can set up enterprise instant messaging, presence, VoIP and audio, video and web conferencing via the internet or standard phones.

Microsoft Skype for Business® Online

Collaborate more easily with presence, instant messaging, audio/video calling and rich online meetings. One-click integration with Microsoft® Outlook and Microsoft® Exchange.

Improve the way you interact with customers. From contact centre call-downs to in-person customer care or the latest in mobile marketing, our CRM software can provide a strong foundation for success. We offer world-class solutions from Microsoft and SAP that you can easily configure to suit your business, your customers and your sales teams. All accessible across distance and device.

microsoft office 365 proplus

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Server

Create campaigns, close deals, build customer loyalty and manage relationships more intelligently. With a holistic view of your customers, you can market smarter, sell effectively, and care more.

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