nbn™ with Telstra

A best-in-class network for Australian businesses

Whether you’re taking your first steps in understanding how migrating to nbn may impact your services or leveraging it for branch network architectures, we help make the most of this opportunity to deliver complete, integrated ICT solutions.

Transforming business connectivity

nbn with Telstra delivers superior performance for your nbn services through our next-generation optical network connecting nbn to the Telstra Next IP® Network. We’ve invested not only in a leading-edge network that delivers superior performance, but also built a strategic partnership with NBN Co to provide you with the best end-to-end journey. 

[Text on screen] Digital.

Narrator: As the world goes digital, your business network needs to keep up.

STEVE COOMBS (General Manager, Connectivity Networks Product Marketing, Telstra): You can't have a business operate without a solid foundation of connectivity. The Telstra options are tailored, they're scalable, they're flexible, and we can adapt services to customer needs.

[Text on screen] End-to-end solutions.

Narrator: Our solutions offer more than connectivity, they offer opportunity. Here's a real-life example.

[Text on screen] Evolve with customers and markets.

Narrator: An Australian retailer with global presence wanted to create a digital destination for their customers. That meant moving away from the limitations of copper wire and aging complex technologies, so we provided a new digital solution. The retailer now offers guest Wi-Fi and interactive ordering displays, with seamless backend integration. Staff are happier, applications and files perform like they're stored locally wherever they are. Richer collaboration improves the way staff work and interactive cloud-based training makes them more effective.

MATTI WEST (Sales and Business Development Manager, Unified Collaboration, Telstra): Today's work is about collaboration it’s about bringing people and ideas together to form solutions.

Narrator: No matter how big or small your business, where or how you want to connect, we make it easy. We offer the technologies, network access, applications and tools you need,all ready for the NBN, and ready for your future, so seize the opportunity. Tell us how you want to take your business forward, because we can bring it all together in the best possible way.

[Text on screen] For more information talk to your account executive.

Accelerate your innovation with nbn™ with Telstra.

Explore our nbn-ready solutions.


Get the benefits of your own private IP network with Telstra’s fully secure, reliable Next IP® network supplied over the nbn.

Telstra Internet Direct on nbn

Run business-critical applications and deliver reliable, consistent experiences with this scalable, guaranteed bandwidth service over nbn, powered by one of Australia's largest internet backbone.

Telstra Business Broadband

A true business-grade platform that can be supplied over the nbn, combining robust networks and services with dedicated business features and support for enterprise customers.

National Ethernet

Take control of connectivity between your sites and public/private cloud environments with nbn access in a secure, reliable, and cost-effective way.

NBN Enterprise Ethernet

Enterprise Ethernet part of our Adaptive Networks offering is designed to meet your unique needs by offering you


Retail Service Provider of nbn services


Consumer & business customers connected to nbn with Telstra


Dedicated Connectivity to all nbn POI’s

Discover how you can leverage nbn with Telstra

Transforming business through nbn

As your trusted partner, we’re here to help with your nbn transition, so you can optimise the opportunity to enable your business to thrive .

nbn™ network migration services

We can work with you to navigate safely through an nbn network transition in a way that suits your business. We provide a customised roadmap to help you optimise network design, and maximise return on investment.

As part of our service, we’ll provide:

  • Transformation Consulting to develop an aligned vision of current and future state, as well as a roadmap of the short and long term actions along your network transformation journey.
  • Migration Plan that focuses on the specifics required to migrate from existing technologies to nbn network based connectivity.
  • nbn network Readiness Assessment to evaluate the technical impact of nbn network on your existing IT services, by analysing factors such as readiness, disconnection timelines and infrastructure compatibility.

Why Telstra for nbn

Reliable, high-quality performance

Telstra provides dual access to each nbn POI and with our superior core network, we’re well-positioned to offer robust performance and resiliency to your business.

Solutions to enable your business growth

Telstra’s rich extensive portfolio of products and solutions that can be accessed over nbn provide industry-leading, robustly engineered services developed to exceed your requirements - helping set you up for success today and into the future.

Network expertise to meet your needs

Telstra has a proven track record of provisioning services over nbn for enterprises of all sizes across industries, including thousands of sites for major retailers across Australia, assuring reliable and high-quality performance throughout.

One partner with end-to-end capabilities

We make it simple for you - with Telstra, you have a single committed partner fully accountable for your network services end-to-end, instead of managing and integrating with multiple vendors.

Getting started

Whether you’re exploring new possibilities or needing support for your existing solutions, we’re here to help.