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How to connect

nbn™ network

We'll help you every step of the way

Connecting to the nbn™ network is a two step process. nbn™ delivers the network to your area, and installs their equipment at your place before a service provider, like us, completes the process.



The government’s commitment to delivering the nbn network includes the standard installation of technology by nbn at your place at no cost to you. When the nbnnetwork arrives in your area, if you choose us as your provider, we’ll help organise the connection at your property.

Do I have to get connected?

Telstra’s existing copper network will eventually be switched off, and everyone will have to change their home phone and internet service to the nbn™ network . All our current home broadband plans and bundles are nbn™ network-compatible, meaning that you’ll be ready for fast internet when the nbn™ network arrives in your area, so whether the nbn network is already there, or is still on its way, we have a plan or bumper entertainment bundle for you.

What kind of connection do I need?

Depending on where you live, nbn will connect your property to the network using one of a variety of technologies. When the nbn network rollout reaches your area, nbn will let you know which technology will service your area.

Choose to connect to the nbn network with us and we'll help you with the rest.

NBN get connected


Your installation options

Once your property is connected to the network by nbn, we send you all the installation information you need to set up your Telstra Gateway. The Telstra Gateway is a Wi-Fi router which links the devices at your place to your new network connection. Choose from:

Self install

Tech savvy? We send you the equipment and instructions for you to install it yourself. Follow the simple steps in this video to self-install:

NBN Self Install Kit from Telstra

Professional install

Time poor? We can arrange a visit by one of our technicians to set up your connection for $240.

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Want ongoing help? Let us arrange your installation and provide ongoing support and advice. $15/mth for 12 months. Min cost $180.

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Priority Assistance

In special cases, we arrange your professional installation at no extra cost, so if you’re a priority assist customer with a diagnosed life-threatening medical condition, we’ll make sure your phone line is connected to the new network.

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Rollout map

See where the nbn network is available and where it's coming next.

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What is the nbn network?

We bring you up to speed on the newest technology connecting Australia.

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