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Dogness Travel Bottle

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      Designed with a functional design and pet health in mind, the Dogness Travel Bottle is easy to use. 

      The Dogness Travel Bottle is small and convenient for one-handed operation.

      Light and easy to carry. 

      The sliding switch opens and allows water to pool into the drinking cap. The switch slides back and forth to control the water in and out of the cup. The curved drinking cap is designed for easy dog drinking habits. 

      The Dogness Travel Bottle has a deep filtration to keep the water healthy and clean.

      The filter combines activated carbon and nanofiltration layer to block small impurities and remove and odour. 

      • Activated carbon and nanofiltration
      • Removes Odour and small impurities 
      • 180g Water cup
      • Light weight
      • Easy to use
      • Available in blue and white