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Ditch your desktop

The latest Telstra 24x7® App delivers new business features straight to your smartphone.




The Telstra 24x7® App gives you more control than ever. Below are some of the app’s features that will help you manage your bills. Make sure you also get the most out of the app by registering for Your Telstra Tools.

Bill notification

Phone features

Be notified when your bill is ready. Turn notifications on or off in a few taps.

Instant account status


View your account balance via the app, so you can check your estimated usage.

View your bill history

Bill History

How are you tracking this month? See a summary of your last eight bills.

View your mobile data usage

Phone features

View usage by your Group and Individual services

Manage your Data Allowance

Phone features

Need more data?  Add a data pack using the 24x7 App.

Manage International Roaming and Day Pass

Phone features

Travelling soon? Add International Roaming and Day Pass from your handset. You can also monitor your chargeable data usage when you use your handset overseas.

You can also:
  • Switch between personal and business accounts^ (see what the app can do with Personal accounts)
  • View Your Telstra Tools  linked services
  • Track your estimated mobile data usage for individual and shared services
  • Activate International Roaming, purchase a Day Pass, and manage your overseas data usage


^ iOS and Android apps only.
* Not available for all small business customers.

  • Purchase a Data Pack
  • Find the nearest Telstra Business Centre
  • Nickname your accounts and services to simplify your bill
  • Chat with us online 24x7
  • View your bill as a PDF*
  • Pay your bill online

Download now

24x7 App for iPhone & iPad

Updated – 19 July 2018
SMS me the link

24x7 App for Android™

Updated 19 July 2018
SMS me the link

Get the most out of the app by registering for Your Telstra Tools

Got a question about the app? Ask Telstra customers and staff at CrowdSupport®