Manage Mobile Devices with ease

With so many devices now connected to corporate systems, device management has never been more complex and time consuming.


Telstra Mobile Device Management
Telstra Mobile Device Management

T-MDM can enable collaboration and content management while protecting devices and data. Whether your organisation needs the control and flexibility of a dedicated management platform or the speed and simplicity of a shared platform, together with our partners we can create the solution that’s works for your mobile workforce

What's included

Device protection

Mobile application management

Mobile content management

Device enrolement service

Mobile device management

Mobile email management

Choosing the right solution

Your people are working in more places, on more devices than ever before. They’re accessing apps, sharing files and being productive in new ways. That’s why Telstra Mobile Device Management (T-MDM) is a great tool to help you manage your mobile fleet. Whether you need to implement security policies to help protect company data, protect your employee devices against cyber-attacks or need to deploy approved apps straight to devices, we can make managing devices easy.

If you need:

Citrix XenMobile dedicated platform

VMware AirWatch® shared platform

Dedicated infrastructure so you control software upgrades


Mobilise paper based forms and processes


Simple setup without firewall changes


Flexibility to scale up and down without minimum commitments


Device protection from malware and network security threats (Zimperium Intrusion Protection Solution)

To rollout devices ready to go out of the box (Device Enrolment Service)

End to end managed services

(Enterprise Managed Mobility Service)

Additional fees apply

Additional fees apply

VMware AirWatch®

Founded in 2003 and used by customers in more than 150 countries, AirWatch is one of the market leaders in mobile device management and simplifies mobility for businesses of all sizes with a world class intuitive management console.

Citrix XenMobile

Citrix is one of the market leaders for mobile device management, file synchronisation and sharing, and application delivery control. It’s this strength across a range of enterprise platforms that makes XenMobile ideal for larger customers looking to mobilise applications.

Free trial

All new T-MDM customers will receive a free 30 day production trial.  After the trial period expires, you will then be automatically moved to a fully paid service.  If, after the trial period expires, you do not want to proceed with T-MDM simply deregister all your devices and no charges will apply.

Client Access Licences (CALs)

After the trial ends, you’ll need to purchase monthly client access licences for each device registered on the T-MDM portal as set out in the table below.  These charges will be automatically applied to your Telstra mobile account each month based on the number of devices you have registered on T-MDM.


T-MDM shared platform CAL T-MDM dedicated platform CAL Fees

$5 (incl) per device per month

There is no minimum number of devices


Powered by VMware AirWatch


$6(incl) per device per month

After the trial you must have a minimum of 300 devices registered on the portal.

Powered by Citrix XenMobile

Eligible Telstra Plans

When you connect your devices to eligible Telstra plans, there is no monthly client access licence charge for those devices to use T-MDM. For more information about eligible Telstra plans, please contact your Telstra representative or dealer.

Device Enrolment

Manage your mobile fleet from start to finish with the Telstra Device Enrolment Service. From purchase, devices will be enrolled and when deployed, employees will receive a device fully compliant to your organisations preferred settings – deploying and managing hundreds of devices within your organisation is easy.

Enrolment is offered for newly ordered devices at no charge. From here you can self-manage your fleet or let Telstra look after it for you.


Your organisation places a device order with Telstra and request that devices are added to the manufacturer’s enrolment program.


Telstra will work with manufacturers to add your devices to the enrolment program. You will be notified when enrolment is complete.


The device manufacturer assigns the devices to your T-MDM platform.


Employees will now receive devices that are preconfigured and locked to company settings.


Telstra Mobile Network Security

Monitor your smartphones, tablets and mobile broadband devices for security threats without relying on apps or clients. With security monitoring through the Telstra Mobile Network you can have confidence that all of your registered devices are looked out for, wherever they’re connected to the Telstra Mobile Network.

Telstra Mobile Network Security compares data traffic against millions of recognised threat signatures, and when a threat is detected you can notify the user using pre-configured instructions that you’ve setup using the online management portal.  

When combined with device management and the Telstra zIPS security app, Telstra Mobile Network Security provides you with a comprehensive security solution for your fleet of devices.



Telstra Mobile Network Security service has two pricing components. You must purchase both components.

  • $1,500 monthly Company Fee charged to your nominated Telstra mobile account number. This Fee covers the online tools we provide to help you manage security threats when they happen.
  • 35c monthly Service Fee charged for each mobile device that is being monitored on the Telstra Mobile Network.


There are no early termination fees and you can cancel your Telstra Mobile Network Security service at any time, but you must pay for any usage incurred in a month.

How it works


Zimperium intrusion protection solution

The Zimperium® mobile intrusion prevention system app (zIPS™) is built for business and enterprise mobile devices.  zIPS provides comprehensive protection for iOS and Android devices against mobile network, device and application cyberattacks. 


Leading Threat Detection Capabilities

The zIPS solution provides comprehensive protection against mobile threats, including:

  1. Spearphishing attacks (e.g., malicious URLs, PDF files)
  2. Malicious apps (e.g., “time bombs”, self-modifying apps)
  3. Network traffic redirection attacks (e.g., “man-in-the-middle”)
  4. SSL stripping techniques
  5. Rogue WiFi access point
  6. Rogue base station/femtocell
  7. Network reconnaissance scans



  1. Devices registered for Telstra Mobile Network Security are monitored while in countries using Telstra’s International Roaming and using Wi-Fi when end users have the zIPS app on their device.
  2. Help protect your mobile devices from being compromised by device, network and application attacks.
  3. Supports ‘bring your own’ and corporate owned devices so you can preserve the security of company data.
  4. Runs in the background monitoring continuously for threats.



The zIPS app is optional and included when you purchase Telstra mobile device management.