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Manage mobile devices with ease

Device management has never been more complex and time-consuming due to the large number of smartphones and tablets used in businesses today.


Telstra Mobile Device Management (T-MDM)

As a member of an IT or support team, you are challenged with the increasing use of smartphones and tablets across the enterprise, plus a growing number of staff who access corporate data through personal devices.

Staff are demanding more functionality from their mobile devices when out of the office. That means it's harder to ensure corporate data remains secure, while device management is becoming more complex and time-consuming.

That's where Telstra Mobile Device Management can help. From one convenient portal, you'll be able to perform a wide range of administrative functions (depending on the type of device) whenever you're in a Telstra Mobile Network coverage area or Wi-Fi coverage area. We will continue to update functions as new devices are released and their capabilities improve.

There are no software or maintenance fees. You simply need to purchase an eligible Telstra plan for each compatible device and/or purchase client access licences (for individually owned or Wi-Fi only devices).

Remove the restrictions of a local area network (LAN) cable and allow your teams to connect and collaborate in many places they need to work using smartphones and tablets.

Telstra Mobile Device Management helps you connect people to work in a secure and seamless way when they are mobile.

T-MDM features and benefits

T-MDM comes with the following features


T-MDM Shared Platform

T-MDM Dedicated Platform

Minimum number of devices

Scale the number of devices up and down as required 1 300

Hosting Location

T-MDM is hosted for you in Australia Telstra Cloud Australia Amazon Web Service Australia

Platform Upgrades

Telstra will manage the upgrades and maintenance of the platform Software upgrades are automatically applied with 5 days notice You have a dedicated SaaS platform. Software upgrades are aligned to your change management process

Mobile Device Management

Protect company information on devices by configuring IT policies

Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Create an enterprise application store and manage applications on devices

Mobile Content Management (MCM)

Upload and share company documents and collaborate with colleagues Basic

Mobile Email Management (MEM)

Control which devices have email access and encrypt email messages

Unlimited SMS

There is no charge for sending SMS messages to devices enrolled on the T-MDM platforms

Integration with enterprise resources

Ability to connect with enterprise systems like Active Directory, share file, per app VPN etc
requires software adapters installed in your premise

requires software adapters installed in your premise

Bundled with eligible Telstra mobile plans for better value

Discuss pricing options with your Telstra sales representative or dealer

Available as an end to end managed service

Discuss advanced support options with your Telstra representative or dealer
Additional fees apply for managed services

Additional fees apply for managed services

Powered By

Telstra partners with the market leaders to provide T-MDM VMware AirWatch Citrix XenMobile


The Telstra difference

Because you are purchasing from Telstra you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • It's managed and hosted by us in Australia, so there are no setup or ongoing maintenance costs. We will also continue to update features and functions as device capabilities improve.
  • Flexible pricing options; Bundle with our mobile plans to get even better value, or purchase client access licences(CALs) for BYOD and Wi-Fi devices
  • We provide a single point of contact for support and can also offer optional end to end managed services
  • Through our partners we can help you with consultancy and professional services

Free Trial

All new T-MDM customers will receive a free 30 day production trial.  After the trial period expires, you will then be automatically moved to a fully paid service.  If, after the trial period expires, you do not want to proceed with T-MDM simply deregister all your devices and no charges will apply.


Client Access Licences (CALs)

After the trial ends, you’ll need to purchase monthly client access licences for each device registered on the T-MDM portal as follows.  These charges will be automatically applied to your Telstra mobile account each month based on the number of devices registered on T-MDM.

T-MDM shared platform CAL Fees T-MDM dedicated platform CAL Fees

$5 (incl) per device per month

There is no minimum number of devices

Powered by VMware AirWatch

$6(incl) per device per month

After the trial there is a minimum of 300

Powered by Citrix XenMobile

Eligible Telstra Plans

When you connect your devices to eligible Telstra plans, there is no monthly client access licence charge for those devices to use T-MDM.

For more information about eligible Telstra plans, please contact your Telstra sales person or dealer.

Get started now – free 30-day production trial for new Telstra T-MDM customers

Telstra customers with a mobile account number can elect to trial the Telstra Mobile Device Management portal for a period of 30-days. The trial period starts when you first receive your T-MDM login.

Step 1: Check you have at least one compatible device.

Step 2: Complete the online application form. Note, you must know your 10 digit Telstra mobile account number to complete this form.

Step 3: We'll verify your account details and send you a welcome email with your login details.  The 30 day trial period starts when you first receive the welcome email and T-MDM login.

After the 30-day trial period you’ll automatically be moved to a fully paid service and charges begin.

  • To opt-out of the fully paid service, simply de-register all trial users and devices on the T-MDM portal and no charges will be applied.
  • If the trial is successful, just continuing using the service as you were during the trial and you’ll automatically be charged for client access licences (CALs) to your nominated Telstra mobile account.  You might like to speak with a Telstra sales representative or dealer about the best pricing options because by connecting your devices on eligible Telstra mobile plans you can save on client access licence fees.

The Telstra Mobile Device Management portal is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • iOS 7+
  • Android (v4 and above); and
  • Windows® Phone 8.1+

Further information on recommended operating systems can be found here.


Things you need to know

Mobile device features and functions can vary by OS version and manufacturer. For further information about T-MDM please see Our Customer Terms. Apple and iPhone are registered trade marks of Apple Inc, registered in the US and other countries. Microsoft®, Windows and Windows Phone are trade marks of Microsoft Corporation. Android is a trade mark of Google Inc.

There are a range of support resources available to help you get up and running on T-MDM:

Register here and you will be invited to attend a technical training webinar to learn about how to use the T-MDM portal.

Post a question on Telstra CrowdSupport®
Telstra CrowdSupport is a great forum to post questions that you can’t find answers to. Telstra’s experts regularly review and answer questions on CrowdSupport.

Userguides and step-by-step Videos
As a T-MDM customer you can register on the following knowledge base portal where you will find a wide range of reference material like userguides, videos and FAQs.

VMware AirWatch Knowledge Base

Citrix XenMobile Knowledge Base

Basic Onboarding Service
Need someone to configure the T-MDM portal for you? Telstra provides a fixed price basic onboarding service to help with the set up. Complete and return the application form to request this service and our technical team will be in touch to arrange. The terms and conditions on the application form describe the activities Telstra will perform as part of this onboarding service.

Professional Services
Where you want to integrate T-MDM with your backend systems Telstra can help. For an agreed unit rate Telstra will help you to configure connectivity with backend systems. Contact your Telstra sales person to arrange a statement of work and quote for this activity

Raise a fault ticket
Telstra is available to address any faults you may experience.  Please keep your Telstra ticket number for reference

High Severity Fault: Please contact 1800 010 253 Opt 2>3 (note that there is limited technical support after hours)

Low Severity Fault: Please send an email to


Things you need to know

The Telstra support team is focused on resolving T-MDM faults. Support is provided to your nominate IT representative, not your end users.  Telstra’s support team will refer you back to the relevant userguides and technical material if you have questions about how to configure settings.  

Manage your mobile fleet from start to finish with the Telstra Device Enrolment Service. From purchase, devices will be enrolled and when deployed employees will receive a device fully compliant to your organisations preferred settings – deploying and managing hundreds of devices within your organisation could not be easier.

Enrolment is offered for newly ordered devices at no charge. From here you can self-manage your fleet or let Telstra look after it for you.

Your Telstra sales person or Telstra dealer can confirm which devices can be enrolled.

How the enrolment service works

We’ll automatically enrol any new devices you order and provide you with the tools to manage your fleet through its lifecycle. This means that you establish the controls and employees receive devices that are preconfigured and locked to company settings.

Some of the features of the Telstra Device Enrolment Service include:

  • view your organisation’s device purchase history online
  • add or remove your devices from the manufacturer’s enrolment program at any time
  • download reports for all your device orders and the current status of devices
  • enjoy support with our helpdesk available to assist with queries on enrolling devices
  • if you’d prefer, let us take care of the program for you with our end-to-end managed service.


In order to participate and before ordering new devices from Telstra, your organisation must:

  1. Be a Telstra Business or Enterprise customer

  2. Create an online account with the device manufacturer:
  3. a. create an Apple deployment program account at

    b. create a Samsung KNOX mobile enrolment account at

    Please note: Use Telstra’s ResellerID 1A586DA0 to setup your online account

  4. Have a compatible mobile device management platform like T-MDM and configure this platform for device enrolment. It is your MDM platform that pushes all the settings, policies and applications to the devices when they are powered up.

  5. Request a Telstra DES account by completing and submitting the form.

a. You will need to supply your Telstra Mobile account number and Customer ID from the device manufacturer.


How DES Works


Place a device order with Telstra or your Telstra dealer.

As part of this device order you must advise that devices are required to be registered with the manufacturer.


Telstra will check you have a Telstra DES account and automatically register devices with the manufacturer.

You will receive an email notification when this has been completed.


Log into the device manufacturer’s online account and assign the Telstra order number to your MDM server.

Please note: you can skip this step and have the manufacturer automatically assign devices to your MDM server. 


The end user receives the new device, powers up and all company settings are applied automatically.


Telstra provides email support during business hours at

Zimperium Intrusion Protection Solution (zIPS)

While traditional MDM solutions allow standard security settings to be configured on mobile devices, T-MDM is unique and goes one step further to include the advanced mobile protection of Zimperium.

The Zimperium Intrusion Protection Solution (zIPS) is an app built for business and enterprise mobile devices.  Using a revolutionary cyber attack detection engine, the app monitors both corporate owned and BYO mobile devices for malicious behaviour protecting against threats in real time. 

Leading Threat Detection Capabilities

The Telstra zIPS solution provides comprehensive protection against mobile threats, including:

  • Spearphishing attacks (e.g., malicious URLs, PDF files)
  • Malicious apps (e.g., “time bombs”, self-modifying apps)
  • Network traffic redirection attacks (e.g., “man-in-the-middle”)
  • SSL stripping techniques
  • Rogue WiFi access point
  • Rogue base station/femtocell
  • Network reconnaissance scans



  • Help protect your mobile devices from being compromised by device, network and application attacks
  • Supports ‘bring your own’ and corporate owned devices so you can preserve the security of company data
  • Runs in the background for continuous protection

Activating Telstra zIPS

The Telstra zIPS application is deployed using your T-MDM platform.

The Telstra zIPS application will automatically appear in your T-MDM enterprise catalogue.  Users can download the application directly from the T-MDM application catalogue as required, or alternatively you can include Telstra zIPS in your company IT policy and have it automatically pushed to devices. 

Please contact the T-MDM helpdesk if you need help pushing the Telstra zIPS application to your employees as part of a company policy.

Things you need to know

This app can only be installed if your employer is using the Telstra Mobile Device Management platform.  If your device is registered on the Telstra Mobile Device Management platform, the app will be automatically activated for you.