Manage Mobile Devices with ease

With so many devices now connected to corporate systems, device management has never been more complex and time consuming.


The increase of the cloud and mobile devices is doing wonderful things for todays workers. They can do more with their time and work when they are on the go. But managing a large fleet of smartphones and tablets can be challenging. From enrolment, to management and security - you need solutions that help you get more from your mobile devices. 


Telstra Mobile Device

Telstra Mobile Device Management helps you manage employees devices in a secure and seamless way.

Device Enrolment

Have corporate devices ready to go out-of-the-box with productivity apps and policies pre-loaded so staff are up and running quickly.  


Monitor your employee smartphones, tablets and mobile broadband devices for security threats with security monitoring provided through the Telstra Mobile Network and supported by the zIPS app.

Enterprise Managed
Mobility Service

We offer a complete management service of your smartphone fleet to help save you time and effort.


Free 30 day Mobile Device
Management trial

Try T-MDM for your organisation and see the benefits of managing your device fleet through one convenient platform.

Activating Device

Give your employees new devices ready to go out of the box. Set up your Device Enrolment account following these easy steps.

Activating device

Set up network security and push the zIPS app to your staff.