April updates

Personalised offers for you

Head to the Shop tab to discover a brand new look with tailored offers to compliment your services and devices.

Telstra PIN Improvements

Soon you’ll start seeing reminders to set up a Telstra PIN when you sign in. Setting up a Telstra PIN adds an additional layer of security to help protect personal information and prevent unauthorised access.

March updates

The ‘Home’ tab Re-imagined

We’ve enhanced the ‘Home’ screen. There’s a new design pattern using Telstra’s gradient, personalisation and elements designed to create familiarity using visual cues to help guide you to what's important.   

Subscriptions made easy

We’ve created a hub in the Services tab so it’s easier to view your subscriptions, and targeted offers at a glance.  This feature also aligns with our focus on transparency and making sure you know exactly how much you’re paying, and how many months are remaining on your subscription.  

Share images and files while messaging us

You can now attach images, screenshots, and other media files when messaging our agents in the app. Great for anyone who might need extra support for troubleshooting or technical advice.   

February updates

Speak with us

Customers can skip the long queue by viewing estimated hold times for the day and choose the best time to get in touch with us via Speak with us. In addition, we’ve added messaging making it even easier for customers to get in touch when they need extra support.

Service uplifts

Our customers spoke, and we listened. With borders reopening, we’ve updated our international roaming experience for DV mobile customers to make it easier for them to track and manage their usage overseas. Legacy home phone customers will see a refreshed service summary screen. This redesign brings it in line with the look and feel of post-paid mobile and DV fixed services.

Share the My Telstra app

Existing My Telstra app users can 'share' a link to the app with family and friends in their mobile phone contacts. The referrer can choose the method of the share i.e. WhatsApp, message, FB Messenger, and customise the message to their liking. When the referee receives the link and taps it, they’ll be taken to the App Store or Google Play store to download the My Telstra app.

Connected Devices

Customers can now view all devices connected to their modem via ethernet and see how each device is performing and troubleshoot any potential issues.

December updates

How’s your service?

Get an overview of your service performance, including your modem information. Plus view all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi network, see how each device is performing and troubleshoot any potential issues.

Viewing important information

We’ve made it easier to view important information relating to your mobile service. To download your critical information summary, head to your service and select ‘View or manage your plan’.

Give your Wi-Fi a boost

Get more with your Telstra Plus points and redeem a Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster – all from within the app.

November updates

Movies made easy

We've improved the process to buy movie tickets within the app and made it easier to search the latest movies, find a movie at a cinema and redeem the $12.50 Telstra Plus member ticket price.


All your details with the press of a finger

You can now copy your service, account, and payment information directly from the app in one step rather than having to write down or remember each section individually.


Having trouble paying?

Our new in-app payment support section can help if you are experiencing financial difficulties and need assistance with paying your bill, has information on what will happen if you don’t pay and information that relates to whether your service is currently restricted, suspended or has been disconnected. 

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift?

The new “Shop by Category” screen in the Shop tab allows you to browse by product and add or manage your subscriptions all in the one spot. Very timely with Christmas just around the corner. 

Fixed network connection down?

You will now see an alert in the app if your Telstra Smart Modem has switched to the 4G mobile network, following an unexpected outage. To fix your connection you can tap on the message link and follow the prompts to troubleshoot the issue.

September updates

Help from the past

You can now see a 30-day snapshot of all the speed tests you run in the app to help give better visibility of your Wi-Fi network and its performance.   

Tracking results over a longer period can pick up an anomaly that may not be seen with one speed test. Our troubleshooting guides and tips can then help you resolve the issue.

August updates

Mobile screen redesigns

We’ve redesigned the mobile “summary” and “extras” tabs to make it easier for customers to see their current extras/add ons plus others that may be of interest. We’ve also added a brief description to each of them so customers know what each extra can provide. 

July updates