Right Fit Guarantee Exit

We’re updating our customer terms and from 2 August 2019, you will no longer be able to change within your plan range.

To change plans, you will need to move to one of our current in-market plans.


Frequently Asked Questions


On February 26 we said goodbye to lock-in contracts by introducing our new flexible Home Broadband plans, which were designed to give you a choice of speeds and included data, with the freedom to switch once per month if your household needs change.

By simplifying our Home Broadband plans and offering the ability to add the extra’s that matter to you, you have full control. As new plans provide more flexibility than the right fit guarantee, with the added bonus of no lock in contracts (simply payout your modem if you leave within 24 months of connecting) we will no longer offer this feature.

This is a part of our commitment to deliver simplified, flexible Home Broadband options for our customers.



You are able to remain on your existing plan if you wish, however you won’t be able to change up or down within your plan range.



Our new Home Internet plans give you the flexibility to take up home broadband for any period of time you choose.

As a result of this move to casual plans, we no longer charge Early Termination Charges for the service contract, however if you receive a Telstra Wi-Fi modem you simply pay out the device if you leave within 24 months. 



The key differences between our in-market Internet Plans and previous plans are:

-        The plans are only available on a no lock-in contract (casual month-to-month plans – no 24 month contract available) – simply pay out your modem if you leave within 24 months of connecting

-        The connection charge for new Telstra Home Phone or Home Broadband customers will be $99

-        We won’t include entertainment within our plans – instead, you have the flexibility to choose which entertainment add-ons you would like to take up (Telstra TV, Foxtel Now, Kayo, Netflix or Foxtel from Telstra)

-        The Telstra Smart Modem™ Gen 2 will be included in the monthly plan price for new Telstra customers who stay connected for 24 months

-        We won’t charge any Early Termination Charges on the service component of the Internet Plans (as there is no 24 month contract). Should you choose to leave within 24 months of connecting, you will incur a device payout fee ($9 per month x the number of months remaining in the 24 month period). 



You can change to another plan within plan range once a month while the plan range remains available to new Telstra customers. 

If you move from a plan that includes Foxtel from Telstra to one that doesn’t, Foxtel from Telstra will be charged separately at the monthly rate for your package(s). You may need to pay ETCs if you move between a plan that includes Foxtel from Telstra, to an Internet Plan and cancel your Foxtel from Telstra service. You cannot move from an in-market plan to an out-of-market one.