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With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate the sky really is the limit: over 100 amazing cloud gaming titles are just the beginning.

Get your hands on top ranking games. Right here. Right now.

Don’t want to drop a heap of cash on a new game (only to find that your manual dexterity is suited to something different)? No problem. For a small monthly subscription, you can dip a toe in, have a play, save for later and go try another game. You will never be bored again. With access to new games on the day of release, you'll earn serious bragging rights. How about Halo Infinite, Pscychonauts, Forza Horizon 5, Sea of Thieves and Minecraft Dungeons? Not to mention, iconic franchises like DOOM, indie games, and blockbusters. 

You know the feeling when you get your hands on that new game. The one your mates have been raving about? The excitement. The adrenalin. The crazy grin on your face?

Hold tight, your dreams can become reality with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can enter the gaming version of Aladdin’s Cave. No need to bribe a genie. You can literally jump into a new game the day it’s released. No queuing outside the shop. No ‘sorry we’ve sold out’ just as you get to the till. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can get your game on - without leaving your front room (garage, powder room, or shed). It's worth noting that some games will be labelled with a touch icon (a finger pressing a button), which lets you enable touch controls. If you aren't playing with a controller, look out for this icon as it can mean the difference between accessing all the available buttons or not. Check out Xbox support for more info. 

If you’re an existing Telstra Xbox All Access customer, you’ll also have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) service as part of your included Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Accessories: why not turn your phone into a controller?

No gaming console? No problem. Take down your opponents without destroying your bank account with these seriously cool controllers that'll increase your speed, dexterity, and grip, as you conquer your kingdom. Check out two of the best products to turn your mobile into a gaming controller.

Choose your controller wisely: if it’s not made by Xbox, look for ‘Designed for Xbox’, so you know it’s optimised to your cloud gaming experience.

Backbone One

Want to play competitively on your iPhone, anytime, anywhere?  Get your hands on a Backbone One and  within seconds, your iPhone will be transformed into a high-quality controller. If you're serious about your gaming but don’t want to break the bank, this is perfect. Direct connection means low latency, it’s super comfortable to play on and uses as much power as a pair of lightning earbuds, so you won’t kill your battery. Also, it's super lightweight at 138g, it expands to wrap around your iPhone and won’t cramp your wrists. You won’t believe you are playing on your phone.

Razer Kishi

The Razer Kishi is a nifty piece of gear. It expands around your Android phone, turning it into a seriously great gaming controller. The two console ends are connected by a rubber band (sounds crazy, but it works!) which holds all the wires. It connects via your USB-C port, so you don’t get the usual lag you find with other Bluetooth consoles. It keeps your phone snugly in place with rubberised mounts, so it feels solid and secure when you're punching those buttons.

Network frequencies: tips and tricks to up your game

If your network setup is hampering your game play, check out our tips to reduce lag, improve your frame rate and boost your game.

Increase your Frames Per Second (FPS)

You don’t need a super-fast internet connection to be at the top of your game, but it doesn't hurt. The optimum Wi-Fi bandwidth for gaming is 5GHz but it can cause issues over distance, or if you have a wall between you and your modem. The 2GHz is much slower but better for travelling greater distances. 

One thing that can mess with your game is low Frames Per Second (FPS). Low FPS can make everything work in slow motion. Not good if you're in full battle mode or sneaking up on an opponent. But what is FPS and how can you improve it?

Put simply, FPS is the number of single frames you can see on your screen per second. There are optimum FPS rates for different console types and games. The higher your rate, the smoother and more lifelike the gaming experience. Try these tips to increase your FPS, reduce lag and boost your network:

  • Drop your screen resolution. Showing fewer pixels on your screen speeds up your gaming performance, significantly
  • Check your game's video settings as they can chew up memory and slow you down. Reducing video effects like blur, graphics, shadow, draw distance and anti-aliasing will all improve your FPS rate ( draw distance means how far away objects are from you in the game, anti-aliasing makes items look smoother and more visually appealing)
  • Try Telstra Game Optimiser to monitor, prioritise and block devices, reducing lag on your network
  • Play on a local server to reduce ping (the time it takes a server to respond) rate and latency
  • Try ethernet cables instead of Wi-Fi. Going old-school with a cable boosts your game and reduces lag
  • Move closer to your modem. If you’re playing over Wi-Fi, objects, walls, furniture and the distance between you and your modem can slow you down. If you can’t move closer to your modem, think about a Wi-Fi booster or Telstra Smart Modem to boost your speed and gaming prowess
  • Missed something else in set-up? Read our previous gaming articles for the lowdown on cloud gaming. 

Play to win with Telstra Smart Modem and Game Optimiser

Telstra Smart Modem

If you find you're still getting taken down by the other guy, maybe it's time for a new modem. Older modems impact your connection speed and strength, slowing you down. Check out our tips and tricks to boost your Wi-Fi range or treat yourself to every gamer's dream - the Telstra Smart Modem, which is optimised for gaming.

With a Telstra Smart Modem, you'll never blame the poor connection again. Our high speed, low latency plans are perfect for gaming households. How does it work?

Better home Wi-Fi: it's game on, with the speed, range, and reliability to keep everyone at home connected

Speed: automatically targets your device with a concentrated signal to deliver fast Wi-Fi where you need it

Range: switches frequencies, depending on your distance from it, so you always have an optimised signal around the home

Reliability: switches seamlessly for a reliable home Wi-Fi experience

Connect sooner: the in-built, pre-activated SIM card connects to our mobile network right out of the box, getting you online even before your home network is activated

Smart notification: we’ll send you an SMS/email when your modem switches onto mobile backup + instructions to get back onto the fixed network

4G backup connection: 4G coverage required. Speeds capped at 25/5Mbps. Actual speeds may be lower. 

Game Optimiser

Optimising your home network for gaming is no longer rocket science. It’s more like child’s play with Telstra Game Optimiser (Smart Modem required). This world first add-on is a true game changer. You can activate/deactivate at any time-and your first month is on us. The Game Optimiser dashboard gives you control by showing you in real-time what’s happening in your local and regional network and much more.

Geo-locator: allows you to lock in local gaming servers, meaning less ping and latency

Ping heatmap: ping your favourite servers worldwide and find out connection speeds. You can even build a 'Ping History' to monitor connections over time. Use the information to set your Geo Locator preferences

Traffic controller: perfect if your kids are gaming instead of studying. Monitor, schedule or block access to certain applications per device

Device manager: see all devices on your network by name and boot out any unknown devices

Congestion control: allows you to set the max percentage any device, or application can use on your network. Perfect for targeting a greedy device and stopping it using up all your bandwidth

Connection benchmark: run a full connection performance test from your Smart Modem to check your speeds, ping quality and performance under congestion. Schedule and save in 'Test History'

Live network monitoring: see what’s happening on your home network and prioritise gaming traffic, so you can game to win

Ad blocker: block web-based ads so they won't appear on any devices in your network. Includes Smart TVs, consoles, mobile apps and more.

Want to know more about Telstra Game Optimiser? Check out this quick video

Eligible Telstra nbn customers will be able to add on Telstra Games Optimiser with a one-month free trial, then the subscription is $10 per month, plus your existing nbn plan charges. One-month free-trial for new Telstra Game Optimiser customers. Monthly charging will start at the end of your trial period. Cancel at any time and receive a pro-rata refund for the month. Requires a Gen Smart 2 Telstra Smart Modem. Incompatible with Fixed Wireless connections, nbn Basic and Ultrafast speed plans.

100+ console games for your compatible devices

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