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The Spacetalk Adventurer is changing the game for 5 to 12-year-olds and their parents. See how this next-gen smartwatch keeps the lines of communication open and makes family logistics just that bit easier.
April 2021 | 8 minute read


Spacetalk Adventurer from Telstra

Add the smartwatch and SIM only plan to your Telstra bill.

Help your kids stretch their wings

Is your child taking small steps towards independence? Like walking home from school or heading to the park with friends? 

If so, you know the dilemma. 

They're not quite ready for the social and physical complexities of a mobile phone but you need to stay in contact - for your peace of mind and theirs.

This is where the Spacetalk Adventurer bridges the gap. It's a simplified mobile phone and GPS tracker all rolled into one kid-friendly smartwatch.

The Spacetalk Adventurer is a step-up from the original (and super popular) Spacetalk smartwatch, and it brings a raft of new features to delight parents and kids alike. 

Let's dig deeper to see why more parents are choosing Spacetalk Adventurer to foster independence while staying connected with their kids on the go.

Spacetalk Adventurer: features at a glance

  • 4G call and text capability - Make and receive calls/SMS from approved contacts.
  • Hi-res 5MP camera - Share photos and videos with trusted friends and family.
  • GPS location tracking - Check your child's current location and location history.
  • Safe zones - Define safe places and get notified when your child arrives or leaves the zone.
  • Parental controls - Approve contacts, set distraction-free School Mode and more. You decide which watch features your child can use.
  • Emergency button - One tap and kids can send a message to designated guardians or authorities. 
  • Stopwatch -  Have fun with timing events and measure progress for fitness, sport and training.
  • Weather checker - See current weather or check the forecast for your child's location.
  • Fitness tracker - Count steps, check heart rate and monitor your child's activities
  • Dust and water-resistant (IP67) - Protected up to a depth of 1 metre for a duration of up to 30 minutes.

Note: Adventurer requires a Nano SIM card with calls, SMS and data, and a Spacetalk in-app subscription for up to 2 watches $5.99/month or up to 5 watches for $8.99/month. 

4G coverage required. Telstra provides 4G coverage to all major cities and regional centres. Check your coverage at

Stay in the driver's seat with parental controls

We all worry about our kid's safety. Where are they? Who are they talking to? What are they watching and playing?

Without conforming to the helicopter stereotype, we want to protect our kids as much as possible - especially when they're out and about.

This is where the Spacetalk Adventurer comes into its own. 

First off, there is no social media or open internet to deal with. So your kids can stay connected without being exposed to the potential dangers that lurk online. 

Secondly, the Spacetalk app gives you control over every feature and setting on your child's smartwatch - it's your boundary-setting control centre.

With a few taps, you can authorise your child's contacts. This means they can text or chat with approved friends and family but are protected from random calls from people outside the trusted circle. 

Along with checking your child's location, you can set up safe zones and get notified when your child enters or leaves the zone. 

You can relax knowing that your kids are communicating with people you know and are hanging out in settings you're comfortable with.

Screenshot of the Alert and Safe Zone screens of the Spacetalk Explorer app on an iPhone handset.

Take the stress out of pick-ups and drop-offs

Life is busy - with school, sports training, playdates and all kinds of extracurricular activities to contend with. 

While great for fostering your child's confidence and independence, this flurry of activity can be logistically tricky.

Picture this. You're rushing to pick your daughter up from basketball practice but the traffic is terrible and you're running late. Instead of stressing, you call your daughter and reassure her that you're on the way. You chat to her while she waits for you to arrive. 

Or another scenario. Your 11-year-old son and his friend want to ride their bikes to the park. Using the Spacetalk app, you can check your son's location. And, if you set the park as a safe zone, you'll be notified when he leaves it.

The Spacetalk Adventurer is a small device that makes a huge difference to busy families - offering peace of mind for you and your kids.

Screenshot of the maps screen of  the Spacetalk app, and a child on a bicycle with Spacetalk Explorer on their wrist.

Keep the family connected

The Spacetalk Adventurer has a ton of great reviews online. 

Lots of happy customers talk about the unexpected benefits of children becoming closer to grandparents and interstate family thanks to the nifty device.

Kids can take a selfie or shoot a video and send it to the loved ones on their approved contact list - sharing the fun times is a great way to keep everyone connected.

In turn, parents and family members can send fun pics, emojis and encouraging texts to bolster confidence and make kids feel safe and secure. It's a win-win.

Screenshot of the Family Chat screen of the Spacetalk app, and image of the Spacetalk Explorer device.

Build confidence in timid explorers

Some kids are bursting at the seams, ready to take on the world - the Spacetalk Adventurer encourages this enthusiasm but allows parents to set safe boundaries.

Other kids are more cautious. They might get anxious at sleepovers or worry when parents are running late. 

The Spacetalk Adventurer is perfect for kids who need that extra reassurance. Knowing they can contact a trusted person when they need to gives them the confidence to tackle new challenges and join in the fun.

Children with disability can also benefit from the level of reassurance and parental guidance that Spacetalk Adventurer provides.

Make fitness fun

Keeping kids active is a challenge in these digital times. The Spacetalk Adventurer has a built-in fitness tracker with voice feedback, making it fun to monitor physical activity. Kids can even check their heart rate during sport and training - a great way to learn about heart health.

With a few taps, you can set a step count goal in the Spacetalk app, most kids love the challenge and are keen to beat mum and dad.

The Adventurer also has a stopwatch that kids can use to measure progress (as well as developing counting skills). How long did it take me to walk home from school today, was it faster than yesterday? 


Screenshot of the Fitness screen on the Spacetalk app on an iPhone device, and a child with a Spacetalk Explorer device on their wrist.

Develop a sense of responsibility

Feed the fish, make your bed, meet mum at the school gate. 

Set reminders in the Spacetalk app so that your child's watch tells them what they need to do and when. It makes life easier for you and is a great way to develop responsibility in young kids.

Go a step further and encourage positive behaviour by setting up rewards and sending a star whenever your child reaches a goal. Forget the star chart on the fridge, this one is more fun and is easier to update and manage.

Get your kid thinking ahead by checking the weather on their Spacetalk Adventurer - do you need to bring your jacket or maybe a hat?

Encourage concentration at school with School Mode, a distraction-free setting that switches off calling, texting and sharing capabilities and turns the display into a simple watch.

These little nudges can help your kids to develop great habits, without the constant nagging.

Screenshot of the Spacetalk app's School Mode feature, with an image of the Spacetalk Explorer device and a sample text message from a parent.

Kid friendly design

From the scratch-resistant safety gorilla glass to the hypoallergenic silicone band and IP67 water resistance, the Spacetalk Adventurer is built to take the bumps and bruises kids can dish out. 

There is a speckled-finish body colour to suit all tastes -  midnight, coral, mist and ocean - and you can switch it up with interchangeable straps. The large bright OLED screen makes it super easy for even young kids to interact with the watch.

The battery in the Adventure is twice the size of the previous model so you can charge overnight and the watch will take your kid through the day and beyond.

Spacetalk explorer devices in various colours.

Easy to set up and use

Even young kids find the Spacetalk Adventurer easy to use. The interface is clean and simple with a library of emojis and pre-prepared texts to choose from. They'll be texting, calling and sharing happy snaps with you in no time.

Meanwhile, parents can enjoy a fuss-free setup and get up and running in a few simple steps:

  1. Buy the Spacetalk Adventurer

  2. Get a SIM plan from Telstra

  3. Download the Spacetalk app

For more information about Spacetalk Adventure, download the Quick Start or Setup guides.

Their journey. Your rules.

Let kids expand their horizons under your protective eye with the Spacetalk Adventurer. It's a paired-back 4G mobile phone, GPS and fitness tracker all rolled into one kid-friendly smartwatch.

Add it to your Telstra bill, along with a small SIM only plan and let the fun begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Adventurer has a 4G mobile phone built into the watch. You will require a Nano SIM card, which is the smallest of the SIM cards available. Your provider’s plan should include calls, SMS and 1GB of data per month.

4G coverage is required. Telstra provides 4G coverage to all major cities and regional centres. Check your coverage at

Spacetalk Adventurer will work on all 3G and 4G mobile networks in Australia.

Yes. Telstra offers two types of Pre-Paid plans. 

Our Pre-Paid Mobile plan offers great value for everyday use, while our Pre-Paid Mobile Casual plan is a good option if you don’t make many calls. 

Our Pre-Paid SIM starter kit includes a single SIM card that adapts to all sizes: standard, micro and nano. Once you've purchased your SIM starter kit, you can activate on either a Pre-Paid Mobile plan or Pre-Paid Mobile Casual plan. Explore our Pre-Paid plans.

Yes. In your Spacetalk app, tap on the device on the map screen to reveal the pop-up menu. Then tap 'Locate Me' and the Spacetalk app will start scanning for your child's GPS location. 4G coverage required.

Yes. Bluetooth connectivity is supported on Adventurer and the user is able to connect compatible devices for example Bluetooth headsets, Air pods and in-car Bluetooth systems. Currently Adventurer does not support Bluetooth enabled hearing aids which are medical devices and require a special type of Bluetooth connection.

Spacetalk Adventurer requires:

  • App fees paid directly to Spacetalk®: up to 2 watches, $5.99/month; up to 5 watches, $8.99/month. 
  • A mobile data plan with Telstra
  • 4G coverage: The Telstra Mobile Network offers 4G in all major and regional cities and in over 1600 towns and communities around Australia. In other coverage areas around Australia, you'll automatically switch to our fastest available 3G. Check coverage at