How to set up your new iPhone 15

Follow our easy guide to get you up and running with your new iPhone from the latest iPhone 15 series. Whether you’re looking to transfer data from your previous phone or activating a new SIM or eSIM, we’ve got you covered.
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What’s in the iPhone 15 box?

In the iPhone box, you'll find your iPhone and a USB-C Charge Cable.

In keeping with Apple's commitment to the environment, there are no earbuds or power adapter included in your iPhone box.

The USB‑C Charge Cable supports fast charging and is compatible with USB‑C power adapters and computer ports.

Simple steps for setting up your iPhone 15

Switching from your old iPhone to your new iPhone with Quick Start

  1. Make sure you back up your existing device.
  2. Have your Apple ID and password ready.
  3. Transfer your existing SIM card to your new iPhone or scan your eSIM QR code using the camera on your device.
  4. Place your new iPhone next to your old device.

The Quick Start screen appears on your existing device and leads you through the process. Check Apple Support for details on using Quick Start.

Switching from Android? Check Apple's support article on how to switch from Android to your new iPhone.

Get temporary iCloud storage with your iPhone 15

So you don't lose a thing, you can get temporary iCloud storage to transfer data from your current device to your new iPhone. 

How to activate a Telstra SIM or eSIM on your new iPhone

You already have a SIM card or eSIM

If you already have a SIM card and you’re keeping it for your new iPhone, then you’re already activated. Just insert your SIM card into your new iPhone and you’re good to go. 

If you’re using an eSIM, you can scan your eSIM QR code with your new phone and you’re done. 

You ordered a new SIM card or eSIM

If you ordered a new SIM card with a new number on an upfront mobile plan, your SIM will be automatically activated once you accept the delivery. 

In all other cases, like moving from another providing while keeping your number or if you’ve ordered a Pre-Paid SIM card, you’ll need to activate your SIM.

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Frequently asked questions

The iPhone 15 uses a USB-C connector comes with a USB-C Charge Cable, but you’ll need to supply your own USB-C power adapter.

If you’re on a mobile plan that includes 5G, you’ll automatically have access to the 5G network when you’re in a 5G coverage area. If you’re not in a 5G coverage area, you’ll automatically switch to 4GX/4G or 3G.

Please for to our support page to learn how to get a new SIM.