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How to increase your Frames Per Second (FPS)

A fast game is a good game, right? But your game can only be as fast as your FPS (how many frames your screen shows per second). You don’t need a fast internet connection to get the best gaming experience… but when your frame rate is low, your games play like they're in slo-mo and you have to watch in frustration as your responses come too late. 

The good news is, it’s not game over. Here are some fast fixes to help you boost performance and increase FPS.

1. Drop your resolution

The number of pixels on screen can have a big effect on your gaming speeds. If you’re playing at the highest possible resolution, try dropping down to the next setting -  say from 1440 to 1080 pixels. 

With fewer pixels, your laptop or mobile device should be able to deliver more frames per second and you’ll likely see a noticeable improvement in speed and performance. The trade-off here is you may see a drop in graphics detail.

2. Adjust your game’s video settings

Video settings can make a noticeable difference to your gameplay:

  • Graphic effects like shadows, lighting, textures and motion blur, use up memory and can affect your FPS. Try reducing these graphics in your game’s video settings for an FPS boost. The trade-off? Your game may look a bit less lifelike.
  • Anti-aliasing smoothes out the edges of the objects in your game – but it also affects FPS. Try reducing it bit-by-bit until you notice an improvement in performance.
  • Draw distance controls how your game renders images in the background. Try reducing the draw distance so your game has less things to render at once, and see if you get a corresponding increase in FPS.

3. Optimise your network for gaming

One of the biggest drags on your FPS can be the way your home network is set up and how many people are using it. 

There’s an easy fix for this – by adding a network optimisation tool to your modem/router, you can prioritise gaming devices and even block other devices, so you get the share of bandwidth you need to play hard and fast. 

The Telstra Game Optimiser is one of the best game booster options, with multiple features to improve the quality of your gaming experience packed into in the one app. It’s a great option if you have a Telstra Smart Modem because it’s already pre-loaded – you just need to activate it for a monthly fee.

4. Play on a local server

Network optimisation tools like the Telstra Game Optimiser let you force lobby based games to only connect to local servers, rather than be bounced all over the planet. 

This can significantly reduce your latency, or ‘ping’ – the time it takes for a server to respond – and in gaming even a millisecond can be the difference between winning and coming second.

5. Go wired, not wi-fi

Don’t want to share the wi-fi signal with everyone else in the house? Plugging your device directly into your modem with an ethernet cable enables you to make the most of your broadband connection. It may not always be practical, but the benefits to your game play are real. 

6. Get closer to your modem

If you can’t connect directly to your modem with an ethernet cable, you can still maximise your wi-fi connection performance by being as close to the modem as possible. You should also try to avoid any physical obstructions like walls and furniture that could get in the way of the wi-fi signal.

Still laggy? Try reducing interference from other appliances like wireless speakers, microwaves and mobile chargers to help give the wi-fi signal more ‘clear air’ to reach your device.

7. Upgrade your modem

If you’ve tried everything and you’re still getting smashed on the field, it may be time for a modem upgrade. Older modems can affect your connection strength and speeds. 

Newer models like the Telstra Smart Modem are already optimised for gaming and can dramatically improve your gaming performance.

Try Telstra Game Optimiser on us for 1 month

Get the power to prioritise gaming traffic, choose server regions and more. Try Telstra Game Optimiser on us for 1 month. Then $10/mth plus cost of your existing eligible nbn plan and Telstra Smart Modem.

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