Making a difference

How we can work together to tackle the challenges of climate change.

Rewire our brains to beat climate change
We’re now feeling the effects of climate change, so why aren’t we doing more?
5 easy ways you can fight climate change
Many of us are concerned about climate change. If you’d like to do more, here are 5 easy tips to consider.

Let's talk about renewable energy

Dramatic improvements in the efficiency and cost of renewable energy over the last decade means that renewables are now the cheapest formats for new-electricity generation.

Energy from our regions, the next export opportunity
Thanks to our regional areas, Australia could become a major exporter of renewable energy.
What's turning on your lights?
We explain what's involved in producing and delivering the electricity that’s powering your home.

Telstra's commitment to climate change

Our environmental policies

Here’s what we’re doing to make a difference.

Recycle your old tech in store
Telstra eCycle in all our stores is powered by MobileMuster. Everything you drop off is recycled to the highest environmental standards, recovering over 95% of materials.
The internet’s ravenous energy appetite
The internet’s energy hungry and our demands for data are increasing. Fortunately, technology is becoming more energy efficient.
We're proud to be carbon neutral
We are proud to announce that we have been certified carbon neutral in our operations, receiving Climate Active’s largest certification in Australia.
Helping reduce our supply chain’s carbon emissions
Learn how Telstra’s working with our suppliers to help lower the carbon emissions created while providing the products and services we purchase.
We continue to reduce our impact on climate change
We’re reducing our carbon emissions across our business, and lifting the amount of renewable energy supplying the Australian grid.
Reducing our carbon footprint
What's a carbon footprint and how are we reducing ours? Telstra’s operations are carbon neutral, achieving Climate Active’s largest certification in Australia.

Five things we learned in our first year of being carbon neutral

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of this decade. With the move to online working, learning and entertainment, we can only expect to use more energy over time to keep Australians connected. This is how we're handling it.