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Simplify teamwork, wherever you are.

Keep your projects moving with secure virtual meeting rooms that allow you to collaborate from anywhere that has internet connectivity.

Switch from email to Cisco Spark and create unlimited, secure virtual team rooms from virtually anywhere that has internet connectivity, using an enterprise grade platform.

Spark lets you send unlimited messages, share files, chat via video and screen share to make decisions. All through one app, keeping things simple.

Telstra Business Apps – Cisco Spark


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The Power of Spark


Keep your projects moving

Access information on most internet-enabled devices, simultaneously, no VPN required.


Control your content

Add, delete and edit your rooms with room moderation, lock and delete functionality.


Connect your tools

Connect to your calendar contacts and apps you already use. Developers can integrate using Zendesk, Trello, GitHub & more.


Protect your ideas

Share with confidence knowing your messages and files will only be read by the people they’re intended for.

Help your organisation to get


Control your Intellectual property securely across devices.
Collaborate securely from virtually anywhere that has internet connectivity, knowing your intellectual property is protected. Our end-to-end room encryption means only you have the ‘keys’ to everything that’s shared.


Get information to your team, no matter their location (provided they have internet connectivity)
Spark allows you to create virtual meeting rooms to collaborate quickly with people inside and outside the organisation, accelerating decision making.


Streamline workflows – avoid technology silos
Avoid work duplication and technology silos as Spark integrates with a number of the existing tools you know and use, such as Calendar, Outlook and applications like Box, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


Digitalise your work spaces with Spark Meeting Rooms
Simple registration allows you to connect your physical meeting areas and relevant Cisco video devices into the same Spark virtual environment. And if you’re using the Spark app, your mobile becomes your room remote. 

Potential business impact

  • Support flexible work conditions, without compromising security.
  • Improve productivity to achieve better business outcomes, faster.
  • Reduced technology silos and the need to duplicate work across different platforms.


Ideal for 

  • Dispersed workforces
  • Limited IT Management capabilities
  • Aging video infrastructure