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Smart and convenient asset tracking

Navman Wireless Asset tracking enables businesses to monitor and protect assets for
greater efficiency and security.


Navman Wireless Asset Management Solutions help remove the guesswork from managing remote assets.

With a simple and intuitive user interface, you’ll have the intelligence you need to take your asset monitoring to a new level. You’ll increase utilisation and reduce your exposure to unforeseen costs caused by loss or theft.

Navman Wireless Asset Management Solutions are suitable for a wide variety of industries, with an array of features, reports and alerts that can be tailored to fit your needs.

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Help your organisation to get


A more efficient fleet
Increase the number of jobs completed each day by optimising route planning, stop durations and time spent at customer sites.


Improved customer service
Dispatch the closest vehicle to your customer's site and provide turn-by turn driving instructions to your drivers to improve the speed of service delivery. You can give your customers extra reassurance by providing them with accurate arrival times.


More control
Monitor all vehicle activities and deliveries on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. With the ability to sort information by address, date, and time, you'll be able to isolate business from private travel costs, reduce your reliance on manual timesheets, and quickly resolve scheduling discrepancies and customer disputes.


Lower costs
Monitor and reduce the wear and tear on your fleet by curbing over-speeding, excessive mileage and unnecessary idling. Proactively service your vehicles before potential problems become expensive repairs.


Potential business benefits

  • Reduce cost from loss, theft and unauthorised use of assets
  • Improve utilisation of assets

Ideal for companies with


  • Remote assets and equipment
  • High value assets in the field
  • Assets requiring long term monitoring
Navman Wireless Director
Navman Wireless Director is at the heart of the Navman Wireless Solution. This powerful control platform gives you near real-time visibility into your assets via your desktop, laptop or mobile device when in coverage areas. The innovative Dynamic Dashboard™ feature even allows you to measure and review all aspects of vehicle or asset activity in a graphical format.
Designed for fleets with heavy equipment, Qtanium is a rugged IP67-rated GPS tracking device that allows you to track your off-road assets. It also offers the option of tracking via satellite communications.
Qtanium 100
The Qtanium 100 is a perfect tracking device for off-road assets such as rollers, small diggers and trailers. With long battery life, it's ideal when you want to easily install devices that provide basic information about asset location at pre-determined intervals.
Qtanium 200
The Qtanium 200 s a self-contained weatherproof tracking device that can be installed into a broad range of assets, from construction and farm equipment to caravans and commercial generators to report on location, theft/unauthorised use, asset treatment such as harsh usage and detect motion or impact.
The Qube on-board tracking device collects and sends information from a vehicle to your PC or mobile device when in coverage areas. It offers options for messaging, navigation, and tracking with satellite communications.

The Navman Wireless GPS Fleet Management and Tracking Solution can be purchased under the following options.

Casual Repayment
  • A month-by-month contract for the Navman Wireless software application(s)
  • Upfront payment of hardware and other costs
  • A month-by-month contract for mobile data services
  • A month-by-month contract for the Navman Wireless software application(s)
  • A 36 month contract for the repayment of hardware and other costs paid in monthly instalments
  • A month-by-month contract for mobile data services