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Predict asset failures and maximise the availability of your equipment

When you need to reduce downtime and costs, MOVUS FitMachine® gives you around the clock visibility on the performance of your fixed rotating machinery so you can maximise maintenance schedules, optimise the life of your assets and minimise outages that may impact operations.

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Actionable data insights from fixed rotating assets to help increase equipment uptime and availability.

The continued need to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and maintain a consistent supply chain are key to success for businesses today. Embracing 4.0 technology or the fourth industrial revolution (using automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies) can help you to gain a competitive advantage.

Our leading asset condition monitoring is an end-to-end turnkey IoT solution which utilises the latest smart sensors, mobility, cloud infrastructure, big data and analytics together with a simple mobile app for set up and configuration. It’s easy to deploy and get started. The web based dashboard of the FitMachine solution allows remote access to data, reports and alerts on the vibration, noise and temperature of connected equipment. FitMachine can help you to monitor equipment condition with the help of machine learning (algorithms that help to analyse large volumes of datasets, predicting the right time to repair and replace components, with the benefit of enhancing asset availability).

It can be used as a standalone predictive maintenance solution and/or form part of your wider IoT solutions. Our IoT platform and IoT solution are available should you wish to bring disparate data sets to a single interface.

With experience in designing IoT solutions across industries, our highly skilled experts and MOVUS can work with you to help you deliver a compelling ROI, and help you progress from preventative to data-led predictive maintenance.

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Data-driven problem solving

With insight on the predicted failure patterns in components; systemic trends and information to help you better manage the lifecycle of your equipment and insights on asset health to resolve operating issues sooner.

data-driven problem solving

Increase equipment uptime and availability

By reducing service outages and downtime, planning maintenance in advance and having replacement parts or assets available when you need them.

data-driven problem solving

Reduce maintenance, repair and operational costs

By moving from routine-based site inspections to ‘as-needed’ (ideal for remote or hard to reach locations); optimise the performance of your asset which improves performance and fuel efficiency; automate maintenance planning schedules & resourcing.

data-driven problem solving



Affordable, simple turnkey solution.

Complete all in one package for a single monthly fee

Includes:  Sensor or gateway, machine learning/predictive maintenance, web portal / dashboard for monitoring and reporting and mobile app for SMS and email notification management.


Get started quickly with a complete wireless solution.

Wireless, industrial grade sensor:

  • Condition monitoring solution for fixed rotating machinery
  • Industrial grade to suit most industrial grade assets equipment such as pumps, motors, gearboxes, fans, blowers, compressors, cooling towers, ventilation towers and mills.
  • Six sensing modalities including vibration, noise and temperature
  • Industry leading – up to two year battery life in usual conditions, connects up to 100 sensors. Long battery life means you can realise the benefits or reducing the need for manual inspections, reduce the need for staff needing to access hazardous environments.
  • Reprogrammable using over the air (OTA) updates
  • IP67 & chemically resistant for outdoor and harsh conditions
  • Magnetic attachment/mount – supports 25kg pull strength

Get started quickly in remote areas where Wi-Fi is not available or costly to deploy.

  • Wireless industrial grade gateway with CAT M1 Telstra network

Online control platform - Intuitive 24x7 web-based portal provides full visibility of asset condition and status

  • Create your own alerts, thresholds, and reports
  • Real time monitoring and visibility of the condition of your assets – graphical tools, map view
  • Administrative tools to add, remove, report
  • Alarms and notification management
  • Asset detailed reporting – photos, equipment no/details, longitude / latitude, site details, barcode
  • Machine learning for predictive maintenance - FitMachine uses artificial intelligence to proactively monitor the condition and operating performance of industrial machinery

Easy to set up and install via Mobile App.

  • No need for costly professional installation or IT resources. Register and set up via your app
  • Receive SMS and Email alerts. Early alerts give you time to plan for maintenance
  • Remote monitoring means you can monitor on the go, giving employees the tools they need without having to be in the office

Enjoy greater and more reliable mobile coverage with fewer dead spots.

Telstra Mobile Network Gateway leverages Telstra’s CAT M1 network


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