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Let our customised solutions
transform your business

We can customise IoT solutions for practically any industry. Manufacturing.
Healthcare. Utilities. Transportation. You name it, we can help make it smarter
to give you the inside running.

Let us do it for you

If your IoT needs are more specific, we can engage a suitable partner to design, build and implement a solution for you.

A typical solution involves integrating a device/sensor to the platform, customising the platform (if required) and building an application with visualisations and/or integration to the enterprise back office systems.

While we provide network access and the platform, we work closely with our partners to customise an application to meet your specific need.

In addition, our partners are available to assist in the connection of devices to the application.


Getting started

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Help your organisation


Custom solution
Designed from the ground up to meet your business needs to enable you to be one step ahead of your competitors.


Access to world class partner support
Experienced IoT partners that will work with you post launch. Helping to ensure you get the solution life cycle support needed.


Single bill
Professional services can be charged to an existing Telstra bill in conjunction with any other IoT or M2M charges.


Maximise ICT resources
Help reduce expenditure by moving to the cloud, only pay for what you use and focus on IoT innovation, rather than on IoT platform development, hosting, and maintenance.


Flexibility and scalability
Customise your solution from a range of plans, features and scale as needed.


You can rely on our smart networks for better performance, reliability and security.


Potential business benefits

  • Reduced cost: focus on core business deliverables and needs
  • Reduced business stakeholders: project management predominantly outsourced
  • Flexible design: solution scope and implementation can evolve with your goals and mission

Ideal for companies with:

  • Labour intensive business processes
  • In-field assets and equipment
  • Real time supply chain and service control
  • Remote and essential community operations

When to use our solution experts

  • You’ve heard about the benefits of IoT and M2M but you’re not sure where to start
  • You’re considering implementing an IoT or M2M solution for your business, but require an initial assessment and discovery workshop to determine the potential costs and benefits involved
  • You know what type of IoT or M2M solution you need but require help to design, build and deploy it
  • You know what type of IoT or M2M solution you need but require customisation to make it work with your existing business processes.