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    We have the answer to a centralised, consistent and fully operational Rugged Device Management Fleet.

    The simplicity of one solution for all your rugged fleet management issues

    If your field staff use rugged devices or hand held scanners as part of your service delivery, then this is for you.

    Are your rugged devices regularly lost or damaged?. Are they replaced or repaired fast enough to keep your team working at optimal levels? Are your devices in need of software updates to be consistent and to give you better control of operations and costs?

    Our Rugged Device Management serivce can address all of these issues with the simplicity of one solution and one point of contact. We can manage your entire rugged device fleet or take on any one aspect of your device management.

    Whether its improved management of your devices, easy access to replacement devices, enhanced network performance or cost effective data plans, our Rugged Device Management Service can make improvements to any business operating a rugged device fleet.

    Connectivity using the Telstra Mobile Network, providing exceptional reach, reliability and in-building penetration. Simply choose from our range of cost-effective data plans.

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    Help your organisation to get:

    Simplify and improve operations with enhanced management


    Improve field operations
    Enable your devices to work at peak efficiency and minimise downtime so your field staff can stay productive.


    Enhance visibility
    Gain greater transparency of device management and costs through detailed performance metrics.


    Simplify management processes
    educe the load on your internal IT resources. One touch point for device management and connectivity management can also save you the time and effort of chasing multiple suppliers.


    Increase cost efficiency
    Affordable data plans can help you to lower overall costs while making budgeting easier.


    Connect in more places
    Use the power and reach of the Telstra Mobile Network to help your devices and people work better.


    Potential business impact

    • Reduce IT administration overhead
    • Enhance customer confidence
    • Improve business continuity

    Ideal for companies with

    Rugged device fleets in

    • Transport and logistics
    • Building and construction
    • Field Services

    Tiered Service Levels

    LIGHT − Managed Service 

    A management service for your existing fleet of devices, for which you already have data connectivity management.

    MEDIUM − Managed Service + Connectivity Management & Data Plans 

    A managed service for your device fleet plus connectivity management and data plans.

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