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Connect teams in multiple locations

Boost productivity and still deliver superior customer service.

When you need to maintain agile business methods, provide your workforce with more flexible options and still maintain a high level of contact with your key clients, it can be tricky on a tight budget.

The answer is secure and reliable video communications delivered via the cloud. It means you can connect your staff and clients without a big capital expense. We can provide the infrastructure and even the equipment on a subscription basis.

Our Cloud Video Conferencing allows you to reduce the need for frequent travel. It enables staff and clients in multiple locations to connect, have virtual face-to-face meetings and make decisions in real time.

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Help your organisation to get:


A cost effective solution
Delivering your video via the cloud means you don’t have to build or manage a new system.




A great work environment
Employees have the option to work from different locations to improve work-life balance. Your flexible working conditions mean you can hire and retain top talent. It also eliminates lengthy and costly interview processes when the candidates aren’t local.




Increased team productivity
Video conferencing allows decisions to be made in real time rather than waiting to meet in person. Plus it cuts down on costly travel time.




Top-class quality
No more poor quality video and interrupted meetings due to lost connections. Our cutting-edge technology is delivered over the secure and reliable Next IP network.


Potential business impact

  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Improved security