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Transforming your workplace collaboration

More flexible and innovative ways of working, to support better business outcomes

You want to help your people collaborate when and where they need to. But you don't want the cost and complications of managing technology.

Delivered through the cloud, Skype for Business offers powerful tools like Instant Messaging, Presence, Multiparty Video/Content Sharing and Enterprise Voice. They can create a new, innovative and flexible working environment, and provide a consistent experience across multiple locations to support better business outcomes.

The solution combines the familiar interface of Skype with the enterprise security, compliance and control of Microsoft Lync™. It can be tailored to your needs and integrated with existing Microsoft Exchange systems. We provide end-to-end management and support to reduce risk and the burden on your IT teams.

You can also take advantage of a hybrid cloud model. Have some of your services in the private Telstra cloud and others in the Microsoft cloud, depending on your needs.

With a simple price-per-end model and a predictable cost, Skype for Business can help you lower operating costs while giving you greater financial flexibility. Plus, you gain the convenience of one touch point for your entire solution, inclusive of carriage.

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Empowering a modern, connected workforce - together.

Telstra and Microsoft are working together to create a world where people can collaborate creatively and effortlessly, using tools they know and trust. Learn more about how co-creating amazing solutions is just the beginning.

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Help your organisation to get:


A fit-for-purpose solution
Let us design a solution perfectly suited to your needs. Enjoy the flexibility of a hybrid solution. You can even extend the value of your technology investment through integration with solutions such as O365, Telstra Cloud Collaboration as well as your on-premises technology. 



Improved business interactions
Enable business in the moment. Help your people work and communicate more effectively with powerful collaboration tools, whether in the office or on the move



Reduced risk and complexity
Remove the complications of deploying, upgrading and managing technology. We handle it all for you, providing a low risk path to better collaboration. The solution also scales quickly and easily as needed.



Better financial outcomes
Replace heavy technology outlay and the cost of internal management with a predictable operating cost. You can free capital for other areas of your business and make budgeting simpler.



Future-ready collaboration
Our strategic partnership with Microsoft delivers world-class technology, and helps to ensure that you will be among the first to take advantage of new innovations.


Potential business impact

  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Less risk and complexity
  • Lower burden on IT staff
  • Financial flexibility
  • Simplicity of a single provider

Ideal for companies with

business icon

  • A need for improved productivity
  • Distributed offices
  • Mobile workers
  • Limited IT resources
  • Constrained budgets

Skype for Business infographic



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