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One communications solution for staff and customers

Improve staff collaboration and customer contact at the same time.

Today, your communications need to keep up with the increasing pace of business. Your staff and customers are also demanding richer multi-channel interactions. Avaya answers both of these requirements with the simplicity of a unified solution.

Staff can use powerful communications and see the interaction history of the people they contact across different channels and devices. Avaya also delivers impressive customer contact features, along with intelligent routing and robust reporting. You can manage both internal and external contacts through a single interface.

Avaya Unified Communications has options to suit smaller operations as well as mid to large organisations. It can integrate with your existing communication systems and databases, and will easily grow with your business. What's more, you have the flexibility of simple or complex deployments.

With Telstra, you also gain a complete solution, from equipment, design and deployment, plus partial or full support to make everything easier.

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Help your organisation to get


Increased productivity
When your staff contact people, they can see a history of previous interactions such as emails, instant messages and information screen pops. This is designed to save time and speed up decisions.


Strengthened customer service
Agents can enrich customer experience through multi-channel contact with full customer history, intelligent routing and in-depth reporting.


Simplified management
One interface lets you control how your people collaborate, while a single platform makes it easier to deploy and manage.


Greater value from existing investments
A standards-based system, Avaya integrates seamlessly with existing communication platforms, applications and databases.


More flexibility
Connect multiple sites and mobile staff and scale easily from five to thousands of users.


Potential business impact

  • Better collaboration and productivity
  • Improved customer service
  • Centralised administration with granular control
  • The simplicity of a complete solution
  • Highly secure communications

Ideal for companies with


  • Five to many thousands of staff
  • Multi-channel customer contact requirements
  • Distributed sites, mobile workers and BYOD
  • Existing multi-vendor unifed communication solutions
  • Varied deployment needs