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Enabling better business outcomes

Our Cloud Collaboration solution helps you to create flexible working environments to become more agile, productive and innovative. 

Innovative collaboration solutions for all types of businesses

Cloud Collaboration offers a complete suite of enterprise-grade communication and collaboration applications for customers who want to achieve better business outcomes and facilitate flexible working environments. You can benefit from advanced collaboration technologies developed by world-leading vendors backed by our end-to-end management and support allowing you to focus on your business priorities. 

How Cloud Collaboration can benefit your business

Flexibility: Empowering employees to connect in real-time from any device and any location – driving innovation and workspace transformation. Support faster decision-making that can potentially increase your organisation’s speed to market and profitability.

Agility: Choices of features and functions from multiple user packages that can dynamically scale to suit your organisation’s needs. Customers enjoy a predictable usage-based service model with minimal upfront investment

Responsiveness: Delivered from the secure Telstra cloud, Cloud Collaboration provides a consistent and intuitive user experience enabling faster responses - leveraging our reliable and globally connected networks, commitment to the highest end-to-end service level assurance, and our long-term experience in managing collaboration solutions.

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