Red Hat OpenShift

Transform your application development,
testing and deployment.


Launch big ideas faster with DevOps

With Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, you can transform how applications are developed within your organisation. It enables your developers to quickly develop, build, deploy, and manage applications in a cloud environment. The solution is built on leading open source technologies, and is a fully managed Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Today, digital innovation is rapidly transforming the marketplace. With traditional business models being disrupted – you need to maintain a competitive advantage. And if your ideas are being blocked by inflexible IT processes, then DevOps* offers a clear path forward. Some of the world’s most innovative brands are using DevOps to create entirely new business models.

* DevOps is a way of working, centred on the ideals of automation, collaboration and communication between application development and IT operations teams in order to balance the needs of these groups and eliminate natural frictions.

Developers look for the freedom to develop applications in the way they feel makes most sense, and to be able to choose the best tools and languages for the job. They often need new infrastructure and environments provisioned and setup quickly in order to meet the demands set by the business

IT Operations want to ensure that business requirements around security, quality and compliance are met, which can mean limiting the tools and choices of IT Infrastructure available to developers.

Customer challenges

When you’re up against increasingly agile competitors, it’s important to get applications up and running as quickly as possible. You also need the ability to easily integrate new and legacy applications. Good testing protocols are essential – and once applications are deployed, any refinements or updates should cause minimal disruption. To achieve these objectives within your organisation, you’ll require faster provisioning, configuring and managing of infrastructure and middleware. You also need simplified pipelines and policies, with automatic orchestration and scaling.


With this Platform as a Service (PaaS), you’ll have access to the best tools for the job. Plus, you can get expert advice on DevOps, platform configuration, and migration of existing applications. By making a transition to DevOps, you can transform your application development, and gain a competitive advantage.


 Built on Open Source standards, so you can leverage the newest innovations in containers and application development.


Enables you to automate many common developer and operational tasks – allowing your staff to focus on core tasks.


Self-service platform – developers can rapidly deploy and scale applications using their preferred languages and local tools.


Operations staff can define repeatable templates and frameworks for better standardisation and control.


Accelerate your transition, and identify the best initial opportunities with an optional DevOps on-boarding service.


How the solution works

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated enables you to easily leverage the use of containers and other new technologies. You can start applying modern application development approaches in the Cloud, such as DevOps* and micro-services. It means you don’t have to figure out what platforms to build – or how to build them. You’ll reduce complexity, and minimise the overheads associated with provisioning and managing your IT infrastructure. With the solution, it becomes a simple matter to orchestrate a containerised application deployment across your environment. Being a managed service, you can count on our expert help with all aspects of your Red Hat OpenShift cluster.

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated is built on Docker and Kubernetes, which are common and trusted container technologies in Enterprise environments. These technologies give you maximum application portability and flexibility. By building modern distributed applications, based on micro-services, you can reuse existing components – so you can reduce ongoing lifecycle costs, and quickly address any problems. You’re also able to build new, reusable, scalable front-end integration points for legacy applications.

Maximise security and performance

Your own isolated cloud hosted cluster will only contain your users, applications, and services.

Private network connectivity

Use VPC peering to link your Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated cluster to an existing AWS cluster with private network connectivity, or connect to your Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated cluster via a private hardware VPN.

Reuse existing credentials

Use Telstra or corporate Azure AD credentials to logon to Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated.

Standardise development

Multiple teams can benefit from working on a common platform and set of processes.

Automate application development workflows and enforce compliance

Implement a best practice Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline – inbuilt integration with Jenkins and other leading open source tools.

Managed service

The OpenShift platform and underlying infrastructure is managed for you so that you can focus on your business and applications.



Experience and expertise
Leverage accumulated industry knowledge from both Telstra and Red Hat.


Broad range of solutions
We can work with you to integrate Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated into our broad portfolio of best-of-breed cloud, network and security solutions.


We use this service ourselves
Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise-grade platform that is greatly improving Telstra’s own software delivery. 


Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated-Pricing construct



Charge Type

Customer Contract Term

Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated


Monthly reoccurring charge or single upfront charge


12 months

Platform Add-On

Additional Node (4vCPU)

Additional Storage (500GB)

Additional Network (12TB IO)

JBoss EAP, Fuse, A-MQ, BRMS, BPM Suite and Data Grid

12 months - initial contract term and price may be pro-rated (reduced) to align to the overall platform contract term, if the add-on is purchased some time after the platform/cluster




Once off


Onboarding Add-On


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