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Project management from the cloud

Manage your projects remotely, 24x7.

Microsoft Project Online and Project Pro for Office 365 offer flexible online solutions designed for project management and everyday work.

Delivered through Office 365, and designed for employees who need to manage projects with full capabilities, Microsoft Project Online products mean you can work from the office, and on the go from a compatible internet enabled device.

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How it works

Project Online is designed for organisations that want to get the benefits of cloud-based project management capabilities with a rich experience.

You can quickly start projects, prioritise project portfolio investments, and deliver results with the business value.

And with Project Pro for Office 365 and Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365, you can download the full desktop application to your compatible device or stream it on demand.

You can also enable up to five compatible devices with each one of your subscriptions.

You can choose from a range of options all with pay-as-you-go, per-user pricing – with the same 99.9 per cent service availability with service credits if levels are not met1 and 24x7, IT level support over the phone, the web or email.


Project Online

$46.20 (inc GST)
per user per month


  • A quick and flexible online solution for project portfolio management and everyday work delivered through Office 365.

Project Pro for Office 365

$35.00 (inc GST)
per user per month


  • Get the control and capabilities of Project Professional 2013 from virtually anywhere as an always up-to-date desktop subscription through Office 365.
  • Includes full desktop management capabilities (Project Professional) as a subscription; enable up to 5 compatible devices per user.

Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365

$81.30 (inc GST)
per user per month


  • All of the benefits of Project Pro for Office 365 and Project Online combined in one subscription per user per month.

Project Lite

$9.80 (inc GST)
per user per month


  • Cost-saving alternative for users who only need basic access to project information.
  • Must be associated with a Project Online, Project Pro for Office 365 or Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365 subscription.

Help your organisation to get


Work from the office, as well as on the go from almost any compatible internet enabled device.


Shared project resources
Keep your teams organised with a central project site, where they can view project summaries, documents, tasks, newsfeeds and calendars.


Better collaboration
Kick off real-time instant messaging (IM) and screen-sharing conversations right from your project when used in conjunction with a compatible Lync Online plan.


Cost management
Have the ability to predict and plan your IT costs on a month to month basis.