Get enterprise grade communications

Upgrade to high security email from the cloud.

Empower your team to communicate almost whenever and wherever they want by accessing email, calendar, contacts and tasks across compatible PCs and web and mobile devices.

Microsoft® Exchange Online allows your organisation to take advantage of enterprise-grade communications capabilities without the operational burden of on-premises server software.

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How it works

Exchange Online is designed for organisations that want to get the benefits of cloud-based email without sacrificing the enterprise-class capabilities of Exchange Server.

Built on the same technology as Exchange Server, Microsoft handles the ongoing maintenance of the Exchange infrastructure while providing IT administrators with the control and flexibility they require.

You can choose from a range of options all with pay-as-you-go, per-user pricing – with the same 99.9 per cent service availability with service credits if service levels are not met1, antivirus and anti-spam solutions and 24x7, IT level support over the phone, the web or email.


Help your organisation get


Advanced security
Built in anti-virus and anti-spam protection using Exchange Online Protection with service credits if service levels are not met.1 Protection through geo-redundant data centres with advanced disaster recovery capabilities, plus robust security and privacy controls and standards.


Help work as a tighter team by viewing shared contacts and calendars, including meeting room bookings, to check availabilities and schedule meetings smoothly.


Access on the go
Designed to work over a web connection on compatible devices so you can access email, calendar and contacts across a range of compatible mobile devices.


Management of costs
Have the ability to predict and plan your IT costs on a month to month basis.


Freed up capital
Reduce infrastructure management costs and total cost of ownership so you can spend capital elsewhere.


Exchange Online (Plan 1)

$6.05 (inc GST)
per user per month


  • 50 GB* mailbox
  • Outlook Web App
  • Exchange ActiveSync
  • Personal archive

Exchange Online (Plan 2)

$12.10 (inc GST)
per user per month


  • Unlimited** mailbox
  • Outlook Web App
  • Exchange ActiveSync
  • Personal archive
  • Hosted voicemail
  • Legal hold


Exchange Online Kiosk

$2.97 (inc GST)
per user per month


  • 2GB mailbox
  • Outlook Web App
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