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Change the way your team engages one another

We can provide you with a wide range of collaboration and conferencing solutions to help you get the most out of your team.

Enrich business interactions with powerful tools

In today's fast-paced business environment, your people need to communicate with each other, partners and customers at a moment's notice. And you need those interactions to be richer and more productive.

Whatever the size of your business, whatever your situation, our solutions can improve the way you work and collaborate.

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How we can help transform your organisation

Cloud collaboration

Rich collaboration tools to improve productivity, knowledge sharing and decision making from the Telstra Cloud.


On-Premise collaboration

Cisco's on-premise solutions let you integrate the latest collaboration tools with your existing environment.


Video solutions

Reach decisions faster, establish trust quicker, and work better as a team.


Audio and web conferencing

Choose from standalone phone and web solutions to fully integrated systems to bring people together quickly and economically.


Consulting services

Take advantage of our vast expertise across multiple industries to choose the most appropriate solution for your situation.


Cloud collaboration

Skype for Business

Boost collaboration with Skype for Business – a powerful communications tool with enterprise-grade security and control.


Telstra Cloud Collaboration Cisco Powered

Enhance employee productivity with complete collaboration solutions integrating calling, messaging and meeting for dynamic teamwork.



Keep up with the pace of business with fast, convenience and effective voice communications.


On-Premise collaboration

Cisco Unified Communications

Give staff the power to collaborate more effectively from diverse and remote locations.


SIP Connect

Use premise-based and hosted equipment to create the solution you need.


Telstra Business Systems CareTM

Outsource the maintenance and management of your communications.



Avaya Unified Communications

You can improve staff collaboration and customer contact at the same time.



Cisco SparkTM from Telstra

Work in virtual space, in real time, using a single app.

Integrate existing tools and platforms with Cisco SparkTM Hybrid for true collaboration.



Enjoy the best of the desk phone on your mobile. Combine landline and mobile communications to improve the way you work with this powerful add-on.


Communications Recording

Gain assurance and insight into customer interactions with inbound/outbound call recording over fixed and mobile Telstra services.

Video solutions

Cloud Video Conferencing

Connect teams in multiple locations, boost productivity and deliver superior customer service.


Managed Video Conferencing

Reach decisions faster, establish trust quicker, and work better as a team.



Reach decisions faster, establish trust quicker, and work better as a team.


Audio & web conferencing



Our web conferencing means you can communicate more effectively in more ways. Powered by Cisco WebEx, you can enjoy a rich multimedia experience.

Why we should be your partner of choice

With the benefit of our broader network and client services, we can help you:


We design what you need
We design what you need Whether you want simple, packaged or custom-built solutions, we can deliver superior value, advice and support.


We have a mobile network without equal
Easily extend conferencing and collaboration to those working outside the organisation. Our mobile network offers better 3G coverage and four times the 4G coverage of our competitors, along with the speed and reliability you need.


We only partner with the best
We’ve forged close, strategic alliances with leading technology vendors. You'll have the most advanced solutions designed to work better on our networks.


We do it ourselves
We use conferencing and collaboration within our own organisation on a daily basis. We know what works, how to deploy it, and how to manage it.

Mobility Solutions

Featured case study

Technology helping saving lives

Coal services have revolutionised their communication and collaboration strategy using Telstra's Unified Communication Solution.


Case studies


Global Welding Supplies

Global Welding Supplies were looking to improve communication between their international offices, and by partnering with Telstra, they achieved true communication and collaboration.


Department of Finance-Cisco Alliance

Led by the Department of Finance, the Australian Federal Government was looking to use ICT to do the business of Government more efficiently.


Oldfields Holdings Limited

Oldfields Holdings Limited responded to market changes and looked to Telstra for new ways to work smarter and faster for its customers. It worked closely with the Telstra technical and design teams to develop and deploy a bespoke solution



Townsville-Mackay Medicare Local with Video Conferencing

Julie Scheuber, CEO of the organisation now known as Townsville–Mackay Medicare Local (TMML), says the rapid expansion meant a complete rethink of TMML’s communications strategy.


Future ways of working - Overview

Our Future Ways Of Working program is driving collaboration and productivity into a new age.


Maximising Productivity through Flexibility

We are maximising productivity through flexibility and increased adoption of technology



Empowered with opportunities to increase productivity

Our employees can choose their own time and work space, which improves collaboration and wellbeing


Transforming to a future way of working

We enabled Wise Employment to mobilise daily operations for over 400 staff, and empowered them with connected devices for access anywhere, anytime.


Treating Mental Health with Technology

A teacher in Canada uses video conferencing to teach stand up comedy in Australia, thanks to Telstra’s Next IP Network.



Creating Brilliant Experiences with an Intelligent Network

Our reliable and fast broadband connection enables Wise Employment to teach stand up comedy from halfway across the world.


BGC Contracting

Telstra helped BGC Contracting to deploy the Cisco cloud collaboration solution to make their operations more agile, productive and innovative.


Connecting a remote workforce 

BGC implemented Telstra Cloud Collaboration by Cisco to improve communications and security, and provide scalability for growth.



The benefits of video telephony

BGC Contracting uses Telstra Cloud Collaboration by Cisco as a cost-effective and better way to communicate with remote staff.


Increasing savings, safety and productivity

With Telstra Cloud Collaboration by Cisco, BGC now enjoys substantial savings, better communications and increased safety and productivity.

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