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Liberate your workforce

Your team doesn't need to be in the same place to work spectacularly together and achieve big goals - they need the right tools.

Inspire brilliant teamwork

Our experts can bring together everything you need to spark a culture of collaboration and a thriving team. Unite your people to get things done, using virtual meetings and intuitive, go-anywhere tools.

Wherever you're up to on your collaboration journey, we can help you get your strategy right and move forward with confidence.

Getting started

Learn more about how you can create a brilliant collaboration experience for your workforce.

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How we support you

Modern collaboration

Ignite next-level teamwork with a rich collaboration experience through enterprise calling and the latest tools.

Meeting experiences

Tackle big goals and forge relationships everywhere your business reaches with vibrant virtual meetings.

Consulting & managed services

Define your team's dream collaboration experience - then make it happen at your own pace with help from our experts.


Switch easily between apps and keep collaborating and co-creating as you move across devices and workspaces.


Working with global leaders

Telstra and Microsoft are working together to empower a modern connected workforce.

We're collaborating with Cisco to help your team empower staff, delight customers and reach the world.


Making it happen

A smarter office

With voice embedded in Office 365, RM Williams is driving innovation and creating a smarter office and a more empowered workforce.

Getting it done globally

Global Welding Supplies (GWS) partnered with Telstra to unite teams across Townsville, Mongolia and Indonesia to make business faster and more efficient.


Why Telstra


Technology leadership Access a full range of integrated end-to-end solutions all in one place. Work with our experts to transform your people and workplace with the best collaboration, cloud and connectivity services.




Unrivalled network You're backed by the Next IP® network, one of the world's most powerful and reliable networks, and Australia's largest mobile network.




Global reach We support your worldwide operations with 2000 points of presence in 200+ countries and territories and nine data centres in four continents.




Your partner in innovation Our accredited and award-winning team partners with industry leaders to continuously innovate and bring new solutions to you.


Learn more about collaboration

Working smart and mobile in 2018

To thrive and stay innovative, organisations need to embrace agile, mobile-focused ways of working.

Future Ways of Working

Give your people flexibility to work where and when they want.

Working, fast and slow

We took insights from Kahneman and Tversky's bestselling 'Thinking, Fast and Slow' and applied them to the workplace. The upshot? Collaboration tools are central to helping teams be more effective.


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