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    Optimised for scale and agility, VxRack is a hyper-converged system designed to satisfy your growing storage and computer needs.

    What is VxRack?

    Does your business have unpredictable workloads? Do you require a simpler and non-cumbersome network topology? VxRack is a highly resilient and scalable hyper-converged infrastructure solution tailored to alleviate the business headaches associated with complex systems.

    The inclusion of a tested and engineered network within a hyper-converged offering will simplify large deployments. VxRack self-contained servers and storage units - with included networking components - are well suited for rapid growth in next generation applications.

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    Ultimate agility
    Modular design gives flexibility to add units incrementally and avoid silos to simplify IT management.



    Hyper-converged at scale
    Modern architecture with built-in software resilience gives you ultimate agility, simplicity and assurance of adapting to the varying applications.



    Flexible to meet business growth
    Design and implement data centres based on your application needs and scale up to fit as you go.

    Ideal for:

    • Business and enterprises aiming to support cloud native applications.
    • Businesses and enterprises that need scalable infrastructure to support their unpredictable growth in workloads.
    • Businesses and enterprises that want reduced complexity in large hyper-converged deployments


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