Combine on-site privacy with cloud flexibillity

Streamline and simplify data and server storage.

Are you looking to streamline data centre infrastructure, speed up server deployment and simplify management?. Maybe you want to virtualise your environment but aren't ready to move completely to the cloud?

Vblock System is the answer. It's a complete, premise-based solution combining Cisco compute, VMware virtualisation and EMC2 storage, which we back up with full management and support from a single touch point. Using Vblock System's converged infrastructure from VCE, the solution is pre-integrated, validated and delivered as a single stack, making it faster to deploy and more reliable and cost-efficient to run.

Your Vblock System can be deployed in your data centre or in our partner co-location facilities. It's also simple to extend your private cloud into a hybrid environment using our Cloud Infrastructure and VLAN Extension services. They allow you to quickly add extra capacity in the Telstra cloud without needing to reconfigure your network. At the same time, you can maintain critical workloads on site to satisfy privacy or compliance requirements. 

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Help your organisation to get


Integrated compute, virtualisation and storage in a single stack can reduce complexity to speed up deployment, improve control and cut costs.


Reduced risk
Tested and validated best-in-class components from industry-leading vendors help ensure performance out of the box.


Peace of mind
You can be confident that your data and infrastructure is visible and safe on your premises. You own the hardware and have full control of where it’s located.


Flexibility and scalability
Easily create a seamless hybrid environment to gain extra capacity and scale resources up or down.


We can manage your Vblock System to agreed service levels to free you from the complexity of managing patches and updates from multiple vendors.


Potential business impact

  • Speed up server deployment and configuration
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase performance with converged infrastructure
  • Easily extend to a hybrid environment
  • Simplify IT management.

Ideal for

  • Handling critical privacy or compliance requirements
  • Companies preferring to own their own infrastructure
  • Migrating workloads to a more cost effective platform
  • Consolidating databases and refreshing hardware
  • Large IT transformational programs
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