Reduce your risk with pre-validated solutions

Reduce risk and take the guesswork out of architecting new environments and delivering IT services with a converged infrastructure solution.

Maximum uptime, minimal risk

FlexPod, developed by NetApp and Cisco, is a flexible, converged infrastructure solution that delivers pre-validated storage, networking and server technologies for many business applications.

Designed to increase IT responsiveness for business demands, while reducing overall cost of computing. FlexPod offers maximum uptime with cooperative support arrangements to minimal risk.

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Deploying FlexPod can enable a business to become more agile, reducing the time it takes to deliver new products and services to market, compared to traditional IT delivery models.

FlexPod requires less technology, simplifying a businesses datacentre. This means your IT team spends less time looking after technology and more time delivering new projects and focussing on innovation.

Enjoy peace of mind through a flexible deployment model that is jointly supported by NetApp and Cisco, with the added confidence of connecting your FlexPod through the Telstra network. 

The FlexPod advantage

Minimise risk

FlexPod components are integrated and standardised to help achieve timely, repeatable, consistent deployments, with the benefit of more than 100 pretested validated designs.

Super scalable

FlexPod can scale from the smallest IT footprints to the largest, easily with minimal risk. This applies to branch offices, core data centres or specialist solutions with Flexpod Select. 

Simply add capacity when and where you want it.


Leverage NetApp’s Data Fabric for your FlexPod, to provide consistent data management and efficient data transport to move data from one cloud to another, with ease. 

Single view

Reduce the effort required through a single view of the infrastructure stack.

Monitor performance, and allow maintenance and deployments to be handled centrally.


Cooperative support

Enjoy fast, streamlined and coordinated support for technical issues, thanks to agreements between NetApp, Cisco, and technology partners Microsoft, Citrix and Red Hat.

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