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Cloud technology is more than a brilliant storage solution. It's also a powerful enabler of environmental, economic and social benefits.

In fact our latest research 'Connecting with the Cloud- A low-carbon future is ahead' reveals that if all Australian businesses adopted cloud services, two things would potentially happen:
- We'd reduce energy costs nationwide by approximately $1 billion, and
- We'd cut 4.5 million kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

It's a powerful argument for change. But how would it affect your organisation?

Use our Carbon Calculator to find out the potential cost, energy and carbon savings your organisation could make by moving on-premises IT to the cloud. It's easy and it’s fast. And the results will surprise you.

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*Results are estimates only

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This is what your organisation could potentially save

By switching % of your IT setup to the Telstra cloud you'll potentially save



the potential energy saving p.a.
This is equal to

Powering Average Australian Households per year

Carbon emissions


the potential carbon emissions saving p.a.
This is equal to

The annual emissions of cars per year

$  AUD potential cost savings per year from not using this energy

Case study: Jurlique lightens their footprint

By closing its on-premises server room and moving its IT into the cloud, Jurlique is saving 79 kilograms of carbon emissions every year.