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With fully accredited expertise managing both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, we have the expertise to manage every facet of your cloud infrastructure end-to-end.

Cloud management made simple

Maintaining the security and day to day operation of your cloud is a big task. If you don’t have dedicated resources or the right skill set, you may be missing out on maximising the performance and benefits of your cloud investment.

Managed Cloud helps you simplify and improve the operational efficiency of your cloud environment, enabling you to focus on your core business. In addition, Managed Cloud provides greater insight into the performance and cost efficiency of your cloud infrastructure.

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We'll run your cloud, while you run your business

Leverage our team of experts and leading Cloud Management technology to complement your in-house capability. Utilise our leading reporting tools to provide new insights and drive peak performance, while offloading the day-to-day tasks that are critical to keeping your cloud running smoothly and securely.

Simplify maintenance

Spend less time and effort on the general maintenance tasks involved in running your cloud. Our cloud management experts can take care of general hygiene and compliance-related activities for you.

Visibility and reporting

Utilising our leading analytics toolset, gain new insight into your cloud infrastructure to help you maximise performance and cost efficiencies.


Security and availability

Gain peace of mind with higher availability of your cloud environment and stay secure with a range of proactive services including monitoring, patching, and rapid technical issue resolution.

We install our leading Cloud Management layer on top of your cloud infrastructure. This enables our expert team to effectively perform day-to-day management, monitoring, and essential security-related activities.

Security patching

Quarterly security patching with 30 days’ notice. Critical patches are applied as soon as they are available.

Antivirus management

Included for each supported operating system, with effective protection against malware and viruses. 

Security hardening

Hardening the operating system reduces each server’s attack surface by disabling any non-required functionality.


Enhanced support service

Handles service requests such as incidents, events, and alarm management. Configuration and asset management tasks can also be supported.

Analytics and reporting

Includes service level reporting and read-only access to comprehensive server performance data through our online portal.

Pro-active monitoring

Covers CPU, disk space, memory utilisation, plus prioritised issue resolution with Virtual Machines.


Managed Cloud is available for the following Telstra Cloud Services.

Why Telstra for Cloud Services?

Telstra Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services

We’re an Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner with the accredited technical expertise to architect, build, maintain and protect your AWS environment 24x7


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

As an accredited Microsoft Gold Platforms partner, we have the expertise to evolve and optimise your current systems into a hybrid model.


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Our Cloud Assessment can offer a comprehensive insight into your IT environment, pinpoint how we can best bring it together for your cloud evolution. We can simplify your options and identify the best choices for your requirements – all mapped out in a report.

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