Cloud Video Conferencing

Embrace agility in your organisation

Empower your workforce with more flexible options, while still maintaining a high level of contact with key clients and cost efficiency. Telstra’s Cloud Video Conferencing also helps reduce the need for frequent travel by enabling staff and clients across different locations to connect, have virtual face-to-face meetings and make decisions in real time.

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Key features

Seamless Conferencing

Allows seamless conferencing between virtually any video device or software platform (supports all standards based devices).

Easy deployment and management

Simple deployment and management tools to allow administrators access to endpoint configuration and usage information.

Rich Applications

Feature rich apps available for Android and mobile to allow flexibility on the go.


Cost-effective solution

Delivering your video via the cloud means you don’t have to build or manage a new conferencing system.

Better work environment

Flexible working conditions can attract and retain top talent, and eliminate lengthy, costly interview processes when the candidates aren’t local.

Increased team productivity

Video conferencing allows decisions to be made in real time rather than waiting to meet in person. Plus, it cuts down on costly travel time.

Top-class quality

No more poor quality video and interrupted meetings due to lost connections, with cutting-edge technology delivered over the secure, reliable Next IP® network.

Why Telstra

A suite of leading technology, in one place

Connect faster with more coverage across Australia than any other network.

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End-to-end view for better performance

As a network operator and services provider, we can give you more visibility of your IT systems and structures. We also make managing your IT simpler by offering technology and service as a complete, integrated solution with one port of call for support.

Keep up with the latest innovation

Our accredited team and award-winning industry partners invest in innovation to make sure you benefit from the latest thinking.

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