Telstra Liberate

Take your office with you

Telstra Liberate combines the best features of your desk phone and mobile, so you can get an office-like experience on the go. Boost productivity and address the challenges of fixed mobile convergence, even if your teams are mobile only. Our solution keeps your corporate identity without needing to introduce new devices, and optimises the tools you already have in place while increasing functionality and features. Empower individuals, teams and call groups with true mobility.

Unlike calling through an app or VOIP, intelligence within the Telstra network delivers unified communications functions and voice to the mobile phone natively. And, because mobile calls use the Telstra mobile network, you also benefit from better call quality than apps using data channels.

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Key features

Select your caller ID

Display either your mobile or work number, or remain anonymous for outgoing calls. 

Hunt Groups, Call Centres & Call Recording

Enable hunt groups and call centre across mobile agents. Enable call recording on mobile devices.

Call transfer

Transfer calls easily and directly from your mobile.

One combined voicemail

Your desk phone and mobile voicemails are combined into one mailbox.

Personalise your Liberate Service

Define a personal time schedule to choose outgoing caller ID; incoming call routing and; which devices will ring.

Liberate companion app

Allows you to shift, transfer and add calls as well as giving you access to call settings.


Using your phone as a mobile office

Empower remote workers

Full office telephone functionality on mobiles, that would be traditionally found in an on-premise phone system.

Facilitate communication between teams and customers

Protect your Business Identity

Enable your workers to mask their personal mobile numbers and show your primary business number on their outgoing mobile calls.

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Integrate with your business applications

Integrate your mobile with your business processes such as CRM, call recording, billing and other applications.

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Better manage your incoming calls

Enable call centres and hunt groups across mobiles and ensure you can answer your business number when staff are remote.

Cost Control

Avoid call forwarding charges from your desk phone number to your mobile with Liberate.

How it works

Telstra Liberate places the mobile at the forefront, bringing office phone features to your mobile. It works in place of the desk phone, but uses the native call dialler of the mobile.