Telstra Cloud Infrastructure

Secure, reliable cloud performance

Telstra Cloud Infrastructure offers virtual servers on dedicated compute in our Australian data centres. Designed with enterprise service levels in mind, it’s built to scale with security, reliability and performance baked in. Access your virtual servers through your private network and internet to run the applications you need.

Key features

Secure and connected cloud environment

Telstra-owned and operated enterprise-grade facilities certified to ISO 27001, with high-capacity internet links and load balancing.

Telstra NextIP and Internet

Integrated network services such as Next IP and Internet provide simple solutions to your connectivity needs.

Flexible purchase options

Choose from one-month, one-year, two-year, or three-year contract options.

Managed cloud options

Add Telstra or a Telstra cloud partner as an account administrator to design, migrate, run, and manage your services for you.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)-driven

Designed to 99.99% availability with a financial SLA of 99.9%.

Rapid provisioning

Provision additional dedicated compute and storage in just three business days.

Integrated IT ecosystem

Fully virtualised and integrated from branch to cloud.


High availability

Additional capacity for resilience and business continuity in the event of blade failure, and the freedom to specify failure percentage to protect against.

Reduce costs and save time

Move workloads to Telstra Cloud Infrastructure to reduce your in-house IT maintenance costs, enabling your staff to focus on other high-value work.

Flexibility at your fingertips

Add or remove hardware on request and blades can be virtualised into multiple virtual servers to deploy powerful computing resources efficiently.

Expertise on-hand to support your business

Lean on Telstra’s team of cloud experts for support whenever you need it, no matter what stage of the cloud journey you are at.

Why Telstra

One partner for all your cloud needs

Simplify your IT management with access to leading cloud platforms, networks, expertise and tools all in one place.

Our best-of-breed approach

Working with us means you also benefit from our established relationships with leading global technology providers and strong support by local channels and partners.

Get the most from your cloud infrastructure

Our expertise in architecting, deploying and managing cloud services means you can focus on driving performance and adapting to future business challenges.

Getting started

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