Cartoonist Brett Bower’s take on Telstra Vantage™

September 4, 2019

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Telstra Vantage™ has brought cartoonist, Brett Bower, to this year’s event to capture the highlights in his iconic style.

Today’s artwork features:

Telstra Vantage™ welcome address

Telstra Chief Executive Officer, Andy Penn spoke about the rapid progress of technology over the last 50 years and what 5G and the convergence of technology innovation will mean for the future.

Network of networks

We explored emerging macro trends and how Telstra’s next gen ‘network of networks’ can help businesses meet the challenges of a digitalised future.

Telstra Purple

The big news of the day: the launch of Telstra Purple - our new professional and technology managed services business - and its key purpose for our customers.

Brett Bowers Cartoonish

Keep an eye out for more of Brett's cartoons from Telstra Vantage™.