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  • Making light work of logistical challenges

    We can help you automate processes and improve communications, to empower your supply chain to thrive.

    Achieve new efficiencies through greater supply chain visibility

    Looking for better ways to boost productivity, minimise risk and non-compliance and improve safety? We can partner with you to help.

    We have the tools to help automate processes, monitor fleets and assets in transit, collaborate in the field, manage driver behaviour, deliver faster response times and stay connected with partners and customers.

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    Partnering with us means

    Better fuel costs management

    Better fuel costs management

    Our M2M Fleet Management Solutions monitor key vehicle variables and provide predictive maintenance alerts - helping repair problems before they cost fuel and downtime.

    Improving communication

    Improving communication

    Business Process eXchange is a cloud-based platform that lets you and your partners exchange real-time data without manual input. So it’s easy to forecast and coordinate.

    Developing innovative business models

    Developing innovative business models

    Stay ahead of new and emerging trends. Telstra Hosted SAP® Solutions help develop new service models based on real-time data and complete visibility across supply chain.

    Meeting market fluctuations

    Meeting market fluctuations

    Up-to-date information and reliable performance are essential when volumes spike. Our Contact Centre solutions provide fast, responsive service via tools and multichannel communications.

    Maintaining profit margins

    Maintaining profit margins

    Preserving margins is tough if competitors push prices down. Our Cloud Services let you eliminate buying, maintaining and upgrading in-house data centres so you can keep costs down.

    Faster response times and job allocation

    Faster response times and job allocation

    Collect data from various devices and assets to enable route optimisation with telematics and tracking solutions.

     Stay connected with your partners in the supply chain

    Stay connected with your partners in the supply chain

    Simply and securely connect to multiple organisations in your supply chain, so that you can manage events, pay invoices, track freight and grow in to global markets ubiquitously with our range of Mobility Solutions.

    Enhancing security, compliance and workplace safety

    Enhancing security, compliance and workplace safety

    Monitor safety, compliance and productivity of workers on-sites and in vehicles with high-end IP cameras, fatigue technology or collaboration tools. Consistently measure load restraint compliance through staff assessments on compatible mobile devices.

    Satisfy customers with automated notifications

    Satisfy customers with automated notifications

    Engage and collaborate with customers using push notifications to communicate delivery updates, scheduling changes, service improvements and customer feedback with Enterprise Messaging solutions.

    Connecting the supply chain through ICT

    It’s crucial that supply chain partners are connected - to each other, their work and their customers.

    We’re focused on designing technology that does that plus introduces cost-reducing automation and process improvements.

    By integrating partner systems in the cloud, for example, we help companies to collate real-time data.

    It can then be automatically factored into variables – from pricing to delivery dates, supply volumes and stock availability – without manual input.

    And we’re bringing new efficiencies to transport fleets with consignments that tell you where they are, triggering pickup or transfer arrangements automatically.

    Just two of the ways we’re helping supply chain to keep moving towards a connected future.

    Transports diagram

    Machine to Machine

    Machine to Machine (M2M) wireless solution is a smarter way to manage multiple business assets in the field. It allows remote, SIM-enabled equipment or assets to automatically communicate with each other and with you.

    Cloud Infrastructure

    Cloud infrastructure gives you secure access to your data from any internet-enabled device, with 24/7 support, and the option to add a range of security, data backup and disaster recovery add-ons.

    Vehicle and assets

    Track and monitor your most valuable assets using Navman, Fleet Complete and Sendum technology no matter what environment you work in.

    Enterprise Messaging

    Create rich conversations and stay connected with partners in your supply chain. Send push notifications to customers communicating delivery updates, scheduling changes and service improvements.

    Business Applications

    Reduce manual work loads and cost of deliveries by digitising your manual processes using simple and easy to use mobile applications.

    Telstra Big Data and Consulting

    Gain insights into buying patterns and supply chain partner service availability. This helps optimise road freight, ensuring return loads are maximised and the right assets are assigned to the right jobs.

    Mobility Consulting and Solutions

    Help ensure drivers receive the information they need to work productively, but only at a time when it is safe to do so. Health and wellness customised technologies can help organisations manage driver distractions, sleep, absenteeism and rest breaks.


    Maximise load restraint safety and consistently measure compliance through simplistic assessments on compatible mobile devices.

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