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    Information and communication innovation is assisting with productivity and delivering cost-efficiencies on the production line and beyond.

    Smoothing the supply chain with better communications

    Global competition, challenging terms of trade and the strong Australian dollar are putting real pressure on Australian manufacturers.

    But by providing smooth communication between machinery, workers, suppliers and customers, we can help you improve control of your product life cycle, while innovations can deliver new revenue streams, help automate your supply chain and cut your costs.

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    Partnering with us means


    Reduced downtime

    Our machine-to-machine solutions help identify potential problems with predictive maintenance alerts, or keep track of drivers to ensure schedules are kept to.

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    Improved oversight

    Cost-efficient IP surveillance helps you monitor your facilities centrally, improving security.

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    More accurate forecasts

    Our Business Process eXchange lets you swap data with supply chain partners in the cloud. With visibility of sales, pricing and other factors, you can forecast demand.

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    Smarter customer service

    Contact centre agents can advise customers via email, SMS, instant message or voice. Customers can receive automated product information using Telstra Integrated Messaging.

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    Employ right-sized infrastructure

    Easily scale ICT capacity up and down to match demand fluctuations with our cloud solutions providing immediate access to the latest technology.

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    Better collaboration

    Easily scale ICT capacity up and down to match demand fluctuations with our cloud solutions providing immediate access to the latest technology.

    Reliable Assets

    Increased productivity

    Help make workers more effective with SMS job updates, online training and apps integrating stock, pricing, ordering and billing systems.

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    Get ideas across the line faster

    Plant suppliers, designers, engineers, marketers and buyers can use video, audio and web conferencing to pitch ideas, discuss prototypes and fine-tune sales and service.

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    Stretch scarce expertise

    Link via video to managers, engineers, mechanics, sales executives and other experts to resolve technical faults or business issues.

    Impacting every stage of the supply chain with clever technology.

    We’re working with manufacturers to help them gain better control of their product life cycle, break into new revenue streams through innovation and reduce cost.

    We’re providing them with IP telephony, unified communications, audio, video and web conferencing.

    It’s technology that means better collaboration, more automated processes and more efficient monitoring of assets remotely.

    And that is creating efficiencies and trimming costs at every stage of the supply chain.

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    Cloud Infrastructure

    Cloud infrastructure gives you secure access to your data from any internet-enabled device, with 24/7 support, and the option to add a range of security, data backup and disaster recovery add-ons.


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    Microsoft Office 365

    Get your team on the go access to shared work including from email and schedules to the latest versions of Client files and more.

    Telstra IP Telephony (TIPT)

    Get time and cost savings across multiple sites with features like video calling, virtual meetings and computer desktop sharing.

    be vehicle and assets graphic

    Vehicle and assets

    Track and monitor your most valuable assets using Navman, Fleet Complete and Sendum technology no matter what environment you work in.


    Nissan Leaf 

    M2M technology helped Nissan Leaf to reduce its annual operational costs by 20% and increased customer engagement.


    Coca-Cola Amatil 

    Coca-Cola Amatil used M2M technology and our Next G® network to access and control 30,000 vending machines in real time, improving productivity and reducing business costs.



    Komatsu was one of the first companies in Australia to move to Telstra's Cloud Computing platform, enabling them to focus on business solutions instead of IT systems.

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