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  • Limited customer insight and business intelligence
  • Customer information stored in disparate systems
  • Surplus during non-sales periods
  • Lack of capacity for new big data applications
  • Cloud consultancy services
  • Hybrid cloud: deploy data analytics on public cloud 
  • Improve customer intelligence
  • Scalable IT infrastructure
  • Improved inventory management

Leverage and access the masses of customer data generated by your business to better understand your customers.

Harnessing big data analytics in the cloud offers access to new business intelligence linking sales, marketing and customer data with social media and online communities. 




Get a 360-degree view of customers

Get a real-time view of customers’ business data and interactions for customer insights to enable better decisions making.


Act on trends

Identify and act on trends in the market by analysing social media and industry sources for market insights.


Personalise marketing campaigns

Leverage customer insight to drive targeted campaigns and promotions for better results and maximise the ROI of your marketing activities.

Making It Happen

IBM Cloud

Big data analytics on IBM Cloud.

Next IP network

Integrated into Telstra’s dynamic network for secure and reliable access to data.

You may miss out on opportunities if your legacy infrastructure lacks the capacity demanded by big data applications. Don’t let infrastructure hold you back.

With hybrid cloud, you can securely  integrate a public cloud-hosted big data solution with your legacy data in a private or public cloud, all connected using Telstra Cloud Direct Connect™ service.   




On-demand infrastructure

Get agile IT to support new data sources and requirements with on-demand capacity. Scale up infrastructure and connectivity, as needed giving you greater control over costs.


Get seamless connectivity

Many of our public cloud services are pre-integrated into Telstra’s core network for secure and private access to business data, from wherever users are connected. Remove the complexity of creating and managing multiple network connections.


Be future ready

Virtualising your environment allows you to lower the total cost of ownership, release CAPEX back into the business, while having access to technology that is constantly innovating, helping you support new initiatives and future needs.

Making It Happen

Cisco Cloud Services

Big data analytics on Cisco Cloud Services.

IBM Cloud

Big data analytics on IBM Cloud.

Public Cloud

Connect Big Data analytics with a secure computing resource on your choice of public cloud.

Cloud Direct Connect™

Connect between clouds with consistent, high-speed access over a secure private network. Integrated into Telstra’s dynamic network for secure and reliable access to data.



Predict demand more accurately

Extending big data technology to various parts of the business can create business intelligence and new opportunities.

Inefficient inventory management can lead to excess or insufficient inventory. Use data to create predictive models and improve inventory and supply chain management.


Improve time to market

Predictive inventory stock modeling in the cloud enables real-time reporting and predictive consumption of inventory, enabling just-in-time inventory management and reducing time to market.


Meet demand during seasonal sales

Insights enable you to better predict and meet customer demand during season sales and marketing promotions more accurately, so your inventory is always available.

Making It Happen

Cisco Cloud Services

Predictive data analytics on Cisco Cloud Services.

Public Cloud

Connect predictive big data analytics with a secure computing resource on your choice of Public Cloud.

IBM Cloud

Run predictive analytics and virtualise your IT on the same cloud platform. 

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